A supernova recorded in ancient rock art of India?

Occasionally something different from the Moon and the Sun illuminates our sky, it is the remains of a star that has just exploded after running out of fuel, this is called supernova. Now, astronomers in India suggest that the vision of a supernova that exploded thousands of years ago was carved into a rock.(ancient rock art of India)

The carving has been found in what is now the Kashmir region in South Asia. In it you can see two bright objects, similar to the sun’s rays, next to a hunting scene. According to study co-author  Mayank Vahia , an astrophysicist at Idiadia’s Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , speaking to the podcast  The Intersection , “You can not have two suns in the sky,” supporting the idea that what our ancestors carved was effectively a supernova.

Researchers are aware of various supernovas observed in the past, for example, a well-known case and the oldest is a Chinese reference to a “guest star”, which appeared in the sky in 185 AD and remained for eight months before fade off.(ancient rock art of India)

However, the analysis of rock art is more difficult for archaeologists than the old existing records like that of the Chinese example.

To unravel the mystery, the group of researchers proceeded to search for supernovae that would have been visible from the Burzahama area, between 10,000 BC and 2,000 BC Only two supernovae were visible from the aforementioned area. Based on these the researchers determined that the old carving represents the oldest of these two supernovas, called HB9.(ancient rock art of India)

Scientists believe that HB9 exploded sometime between 5000 BC and 2000 BC In carving, one of the bright lights would represent this supernova and the other the full moon.

(ancient rock art of India)
(ancient rock art of India)

Photograph of stone carving from Burzahom. Credit: IGCNA

And according to the Indian team, the rest of the size is also an astronomical record: that theory holds that not only does it show a hunting scene, but it shows the celestial hunting scene formed by the constellations Taurus, the bull and Orion, the hunter . The carving would be the first example of a star chart in the area, if it is not simply a heavenly coincidence.(ancient rock art of India)

The theory has been published in the  Indian Journal of the History of Science .


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