The First UFO sighting of 2018 (footage) : Is the Contact Approaching?

On December 31, many people in the world were eyewitnesses of strange luminaries that accompanied a larger, intense green, that flew over our atmosphere. It was seen on three different continents, and the footage that has been shared on Social Networks was recorded in places very distant from each other: such as Colombia, Cameroon (Africa) and the United Kingdom.(UFO sighting of 2018)

UFO sighting of 2018

Who would have thought that the New Year’s Eve would be the one chosen for the beginning of a new wave UFO? Half the world was shocked just a few hours before welcoming the 2018, after witnessing an impressive sighting in the sky. The phenomenon could be seen in three different continents (or at least it is not known to be seen in other parts of the planet), being the main focus in three places very distant from each other: Colombia, Cameroon and England. Although some also claim to have been visual witnesses of the event in some area of ​​Mexico and California.(UFO sighting of 2018)

England was witness about 5 pm of the spectacular event. There it was possible to observe only one object flying over the sky. This was an immense ball of fire of intense green color, which by its directional movement and its form seemed more like a meteorite. Although it is evident that meteorites or any celestial body that comes into contact with our atmosphere, shines in flames because of the state of disintegration that suffers, its tone is also suspect, because it is not very frequent.(UFO sighting of 2018)

However, people who could witness the object above their heads were amazed by the large amount of light that it gave off. Many could catch their cell phones in time to record the phenomenon that occurred while people were bouncing around the cities a few hours to dismiss the year. It did not go unnoticed and its strange green hue either. Many believers and fanatics took the event as a sign of bad omen. In general, it caused concern among the inhabitants of England, because if it had been a meteorite and had impacted a population center, it would have caused great damage due to the size it presented.(UFO sighting of 2018)

In England, the entry of the unidentified object into the atmosphere was seen
and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Colombia, they witnessed this same object, but presenting a very different visual effect and also accompanied by other smaller luminaries. The object burst into the sky of Colombia as it would be expected to do a meteorite. With a great flash of light, just like when a celestial object enters our atmosphere. The object was filmed from various parts of the country. In a residential area images of this object were taken and you can see other lights much smaller but that behave intelligently, because it does not descend in free fall.

The event occurred silently until a kind of pulse sound frequency could be heard up to three times. The unexpected sound effect of the phenomenon terrified the population of Colombia, who did not know what was happening and, consequently, if they were in danger. But after a few minutes of uncertainty and after making a sort of maneuvers, the objects vanished without leaving any trace of the shocking sighting.(UFO sighting of 2018)

And on the west coast of Africa, in Cameroon, the same phenomenon manifested itself there, but with different characteristics. The Cameroonians could see in the sky how suddenly there appeared a big ball of whitish green light that, in an instant, ascended unidirectionally into space, leaving behind a long tail and that, after throwing a great bluish flash, the tail he quickly wrestle with the ball of light and disappears without a trace. Undoubtedly, this was the strangest sighting of all.

Although it seems to be the same phenomenon, this could not be confirmed because the event was presented in a totally different way in the different foci of the sighting. And all three were witnessed at dusk, but we have only been able to verify the exact time it was seen in England, thanks to the type of camera that captured the recording that you can see below. We will be very attentive to the news in case they share new filming or any other type of documentation that can verify its origin.(UFO sighting of 2018)

The UFO phenomenon appears more alive than ever for this 2018 and at Infinity explorers we will inform you of everything that happened in this new Ovni Wave.

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Click the following link to see the UFO sighting in Colombia and Cameroon:

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