An alien was killed at an American military base says, Major George Filer

This story of an alien being killed at an American Military Base took place in 1978 claims the former United States Air Force intelligence officer, Major George Filer.
The mysterious incident was widely discussed among people who are fond of UFOs and conspiracy theories in the 1980s.

An alien was killed at an American military base says, Major George Filer

The main eyewitness to this story is retired US Air Force Major George Filer, who in those years served at a military base in Fort Dix, New Jersey. 
At the same time, he himself did not personally see the killing but communicated with those who were aware of what had happened at the American Military Base.

An alien was killed at an American military base says, Major George Filer

On January 18, 1978, at 2 a.m. near Fort Dix, a military policeman, while patrolling, noticed an unidentified object in the sky. 
Since the object did not resemble US military aircraft, the officer suspected the object to be of an enemy spy and began pursuit in his car.
After two hours of pursuit, the officer finally caught up with the object, and the unidentified object was hanging directly over his head, emitting an intense blue-green glow. 

After observing a UFO in the sky and he suddenly saw a “thin and gray-brown creature” that appeared next to his car. 
The headlights of the policeman’s car illuminated this creature well, and what he saw next was shocking for him. 
He immediately drew his pistol and instructed the creature not to move, and when the alleged creature ignored his order, he shot him. 
Moreover, from a state of shock, he stuck five bullets into the creature at once. 

When the Police officer called the leaders of the American military base, a special mop-up team arrived at the scene. 
They acted as if this was not the first time they had seen such a creature, and ordered everyone to remain silent about what had happened, and then took the body to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.
This is the moment when Major George Filer finally appears. 
Early on the morning of January 18, he arrived at Fort Dix base to prepare for a senior officers’ briefing and was baffled.
When he met the senior sergeant who was managing staff, office telephones, and faxes on the base, he looked flustered. 
Filer asked him about the mysterious incident and he said that “The stranger was shot on the territory of our base.”

“His face was pale and his eyes were wide open. When I asked him about where did it come from, he replied that it came from space and that it was an alien. He also said that UFOs are constantly circling our planet.”

George Filer

Later, Filer tried to find out the details, but nothing came of it due to the strictest secrecy. 
He did not even get to see the photos of the shot alien, although he says that he knows for sure that they were taken at the scene of the murder.

Now 84, Major George Filer lives with his wife in Medford. 
Despite the strict secrecy, no one ordered filer himself to be silent about this incident, neither did he remain so and since the 1980s he began to tell about what happened to every interested ufologist. 

When Filer’s story hit the media, the US Air Force immediately disowned all of the above, calling it a hoax. 
Nevertheless, the retired major still assures that everything described is true. 

After this incident, Major George Filer was so carried away by ufology that for some time he was the head of the eastern branch of the American ufological organization, MUFON. 

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  1. This is the normal response from the government not to mention that the interglactic most likely meant no harm. I for one believe the 84 year old Major Filer.

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