Pope Francis mysteriously disappeared in the Vatican window

On April 13, 2020, a strange viral video showing how Pope Francis mysteriously disappeared began to spread on social media in Italy, and then around the world with the following description:

“I just created this account to post this: I recorded this on my local news network and wanted everyone to see what I saw, and potentially provide an explanation.”

As you can see in the video, during the official broadcast of Pope Francis’ speech, he went out on the balcony, greeted, turned around, walked slowly and disappeared. It just dissolved as if it had never been there. The tweet published by the user @bernieonthebus has caused quite a stir on the bird’s social network. 

The first thing some netizens thought was that it was false. That is, he had edited with some type of computer program. However, there were several people who saw and recorded the same moment.

This led to the ever-controversial hologram theory of the Pope. And the truth is that today there are technologies that allow such assemblies to be carried out. This begs the following question: why did the Vatican use live holographic technology?

 The most logical assumption is that he would have serious greeting problems and even that he could be dead . Recall that when the coronavirus crisis began, Francisco was unwell for several days, even official acts were canceled. And the loss of the Supreme Pontiff set off all the alarms. The Vatican’s version was that he had a cold. Since then, Pope Francis has apparently recovered but has not reappeared publicly, except for some face-to-face interviews.

And the truth is that the Vatican would have many reasons to “hide the death” of the Pope. First, the reputation of the church, because believers will not understand whether the Pope, whom the Vatican portrays as a saint who lives among sinful mortals, is suddenly the first to die of an epidemic. Then we would face the new election of the Pope. In a world plagued by pandemic, it would not be the best time for conclaves and power struggles.

Finally, we find the prophecy about the popes of Saint Malachy , according to which the current Vatican president would be the last and with his departure, Christianity would come to an end, while Europe would face countless calamities. Although we cannot rule out that it is a “failure in the Matrix” and that for Francisco it is one more character of the simulation in which we live.

Pope Francis mysteriously disappeared in the Vatican window

A lot of these glitches have been reported lately, including the mysterious death of the CEO of a tech company after discovering that we live in the Matrix. As we already published on MEP, Erin Valenti disappeared on October 5 in California after a series of puzzling phone calls to her family. Valenti did not suffer from any mental illness, but before his disappearance he said that “everything is a game, a mental experiment, and that we are in the Matrix.”

In the case of Pope Francis, let everyone think what they want. But what cannot be denied is that we live in strange times where we find ourselves in the midst of a deadly pandemic, the great volcanoes are waking up, fierce fires that are dangerously approaching towards the Chernobyl nuclear power plant or asteroids and comets heading towards our planet . So it should come as no surprise that Pope Francis is now a hologram.

What do you think about the strange video of Pope Francis? A hologram? A glitch in the Matrix? Or do you have a logical and rational explanation?

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  1. It obviously looks like a projection, and not that he had fallen so something similar. Being that the situation of the world right now a projection would make the most sense. Projections do not get sick, they just fade away rather quickly.

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