Teleportation could be possible using Quantum Physics

Quantum physics could, theoretically, be used to satisfy the old desire to teleport. However, any practical use is a very long way, and only individual particles could be transported.(Teleportation could be possible using Quantum Physics)

In the video below, minute physics explains how teleportation could be theoretically possible using quantum physics


Quantum teleportation uses quantum entanglement – a situation in which one set of particles depends on the state of the others. In principle, if scientists create specific sets of particles capable of being rearranged into what they want to teleport, they can send partial information from one end – coded as a quantum state – and so produce it at the other end.(Teleportation could be possible using Quantum Physics)

As an analogy: imagine taking a scanner of what you want to transport, sending it mixed particles, to rebuild from that. While transporting something large, such as a cat – the example used by the video – is far away, scientists have managed to transport a photon or an electron per 100 km.(Teleportation could be possible using Quantum Physics)

The difficulty lies in creating two sets of entangled particles and then transporting one of them without being unraveled. This relates to scientists who perform direct counterfactual quantum communication for the first time recently, which operates using the Zeno effect (freezing the situation by observing it) rather than becoming entangled. In the experiment, scientists successfully transported the information using the phase of light.

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