Tenaya Canyon

The Tenaya Canyon- Bermuda Triangle Of Yosemite & The Tenaya Curse

Nestled within Yosemite National Park, Tenaya Canyon holds a captivating past shrouded in mystery. Carved by nature’s hand, this enigmatic canyon has witnessed the passage of time and harbors secrets that have intrigued generations. With its rich history, legends, and unexplained disappearances, Tenaya Canyon invites us to explore its hidden depths and unravel its dark mysteries. Join us on a journey into the shadows as we uncover the captivating tales that lie within Yosemite’s Tenaya Canyon.

Yosemite National Park Mariposa County, CA (Tenaya Canyon)
Yosemite National Park Mariposa County, CA

Popularly referred to as theBermuda Triangle of Yosemite,” Tenaya Canyon is a dangerous area that extends from Tenaya Lake to the Yosemite Valley. This place has witnessed many brutal accidents, and the death toll here is always on the rise. More than 110 people have died at the Canyon. There is a belief among the people that Tenaya Canyon is haunted by the souls of the Yosemite inhabitants who were driven out of the area during the bloody Mariposa Indian War of the 1850s.

Along with difficult paths, the canyon also has beautiful scenery, such as waterfalls, swimming holes, and rock formations. Adventurous hikers and climbers who try to explore the Tenaya Canon face a difficult and dangerous approach through the canyon due to the presence of polished granite slabs, steep rappels, required swimming, and perilous ledges. A sign at the canyon’s entrance says “TRAVEL BEYOND THIS POINT IS DANGEROUS,” and park rangers stress that “a trip into the unforgiving terrain of Tenaya Canyon… should not be taken lightly.”

The Curse Of Chief Tenaya

Chief Tenaya was the boss of the Ahwahneechee tribe, which lived in Yosemite Valley until they were forced out by the Mariposa Battalion, a group of armed soldiers sent by the governor of California to control the Native Americans in the area. Tenaya Canyon is named after Chief Tenaya. The battalion took Chief Tenaya and his people captive and sent them to a reserve close to Fresno.

Some of them managed to get away, however, and they later returned to Yosemite Valley, where they were once again confronted by the battalion. After the tragic death of his son in the battle, the Chief of Tenaya cursed the culprits and his motherland and escaped into the Tenaya Canon. Near Mono Lake, he met his untimely end at the hands of an enemy tribe.

Tenaya Canyon
Tenaya Canyon

There are both skeptics and supporters of the theory that the curse still exists. Some villagers and historians think that the curse placed on Tenaya Canyon by Chief Tenaya is still active and will bring bad luck to anyone who ventures there. However, there are some who think that the canyon is nothing more than a hazardous area that should be taken with the utmost care. Tenaya Canon is third on the list of most number of people missing per year that is 233.

Paranormal Incidents At Tenaya Canyon

One of the most intriguing and credible incident that occurred at Tenaya Canyon is that of John Muir. In 1918, the Father of the National Parks, John Muir, was exploring Tenaya Canyon when he took a tumble and was knocked unconscious.

“I was suddenly brought to a standstill by a blow on the head that confused my senses for a moment or two without wholly stunning me.” 

John Muir

However, he regained consciousness in a moment and continued his journey. But after that day, he never came to Tenaya Canyon.

Tenaya Canyon is one of those places where you can feel history all around you. It’s a very powerful place.

Scott Gediman, a park ranger at Yosemite National Park

Ron Kauk, a famed climber who spent decades in Yosemite and climbed some of the park’s most difficult cliffs, was another famous explorer of Tenaya Canyon. He told about an incident when a strange force tugged on his sleeping bag while he tented on the edge of a rock face in Tenaya Canyon.

It was like something that came around in a teasing kind of way or something. It wasn’t anything too dramatic, no lights flashing around or flying by you. Just to acknowledge that there was something else there.

Ron Kauk

Ron Kauk has suggested that the Tenaya Canon is filled with the spirits of the people of Yosemite who were forcibly displaced or killed there.

As we conclude our exploration of Yosemite’s Tenaya Canyon, we leave with a profound appreciation for the mysterious allure that has surrounded this remarkable place for centuries. The enigmatic tales of the canyon’s past, the legends and disappearances, remind us of the vast depths of human curiosity and the untamed power of nature.

While some questions may forever remain unanswered, the allure of Tenaya Canyon continues to captivate and draw adventurers from around the world. Its haunting beauty and hidden secrets serve as a testament to the enduring power of the natural world and the eternal fascination it holds over our imaginations.

Whether you venture to Yosemite National Park to witness the grandeur of Tenaya Canyon for yourself or simply find solace in the tales and legends that surround it, may the spirit of mystery and wonder inspire you to explore the unknown, to seek answers, and to embrace the hidden stories that lie within the landscapes we inhabit.

With Tenaya Canyon as a constant reminder, let us continue to uncover the hidden histories and unveil the enigmas that enrich our world, reminding us that there is always more to discover, more to learn, and more to cherish in the tapestry of our shared human experience.

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