Healing Power Of Music

Ancient Civilizations And Sound Waves: Healing Power Of Music

Ancient civilizations used a variety of healing exercises, and one of them was utilizing the benefits of music. Music has never-ending advantages and it is believed that it has the ability to improve cognitive performance and memory. It is difficult to believe that music could truly heal physical or mental ailments. However, ancient civilizations may have the answer to this question that how they used the healing power of music and how a relation was established between music and medicine back then.

the healing power of music

Egyptians And Healing Power Of Music

the healing power of music

Ancient civilization utilized the therapeutic benefits of music for quite a long time. The Greek physicians were recognized to use flutes and zitter to heal their patients, and just like them, Egyptians had their own method of using the healing power of music.

They had a belief that the sound generated by vowels had special healing abilities, and the method was known as ‘Toning’. Also, the generated sounds were manipulated using breath and voice that had therapeutic results.

This method turned out to be so useful that the buildings were specifically structured to amplify such sounds that had healing features during the performance of religious ceremonies. Particular areas that could amplify the sound were incorporated inside the pyramids by the Egyptians which depicted the relevance of the healing power of music.

John Stuar Rield, a renowned acoustician asserted that the king’s chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza was designed to reverberate to enhance the sound energy in the chamber.

Does Music really have therapeutic benefits?

The therapeutic benefits of music may sound absurd to some and people might be skeptical about it. However, it has been reported in several ancient accounts that the ancient civilization had laid their hands on something extremely profound. The use of music in medicine was researched first back in the 19th century, Diogel of Salpetriere hospital in Paris originally reported on the effects of music on humans. It included various aspects such as cardiac output, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

A research was conducted where live musicians were directed to perform beside the bed of the patients and it was found that soothing music could really lower the blood pressure and heart rate. Also, it could also increase the cardiac outputs and aid the workings of the parasympathetic system.

Journey from ancient times to today’s Modern Era

In today’s era as well, music is widely known for its healing properties. Using several methods such as structured therapy, music these days is used to treat both mental and physical illness. After conducting approximately 25 researches, the experts are of the opinion that music can even treat depression and anxiety.

Surprisingly, one does not even have to attend official music therapy sessions, learning how to play the piano or hearing soothing music works as a therapy in itself. Well, it is truly difficult to believe that merely learning or hearing music can treat several ailments, however, the ancient civilization realized its value way before us.

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