The Shocking Bermuda Triangle UFO Encounter Of A Greek Sailor in 1978

Greek sailor Polycarp Spentzas, a radio operator aboard the Pothiti SWJC, had a strange and unforgettable Bermuda Triangle UFO Encounter experience in 1978. In the infamous Bermuda Triangle, no less.

But he certainly wasn’t the only person to observe these strange Bermuda Triangle UFO occurrences in recent decades.

Over the years, there has been a multitude of strange, unexplained, and disturbing occurrences in that famous area between Bermuda in the north, the Bahamas in the south, and Miami Florida in the west – including the disappearance in 1945 of the famous squadron of US Avenger aircraft, Flight 19, and a subsequent rescue plane.

For Spetzos, the merchant seaman, the fabled dangers of that area suddenly became personal in 1978, when in the course of his regular duties he watched the events described below unfold.

«We left Porto Matanzas, Cuba, heading for Algiers, with an average speed of 11 miles. Shortly before 12-noon local time, the ship’s bridge officers began to notice that it seemed to them that the ship was traveling at an unusually high speed, but the instruments showed a constant speed of 10 to 11 nautical miles per hour,” he remembered. “Some of my colleagues initially hypothesized that maybe I had made a mistake in timing since I was the radio operator. But that didn’t happen, and the ship continued to plow through the waves like a dolphin.

The geographical area where the phenomena reported for the Bermuda Triangle occur.

“At 12 noon, the captain asked the second officer to put a Pakistani sailor at the helm, as he himself was not feeling well. He couldn’t lift his arms and his whole body felt too heavy,” Spentzas continued.

“Soon the electrician came to the bridge after coming up from the engine room, annoyed that he had noticed that all the clocks on the ship had gone two full hours ahead. Also, the helmsman was unable to maintain a steady heading, because the compass, which was gyroscopic and shielded from electromagnetic fields, was spinning like crazy. So he had to go on autopilot and we managed to keep a steady course.”

The Bermuda Triangle UFO Sighting In 1978

“But the strangest thing of all was something that happened shortly after 5 in the afternoon. The cook and I were playing backgammon in the smoking room, when suddenly we looked back and saw, on the port side (the left of the ship), that is, the northwest side, just a few miles away, a large object unidentified white flyer in the sky. Then two smaller flying objects appeared to the west of the big one and, in fact, one of them was attached to it, ”said the sailor, who admitted that at first, he thought it could be some kind of American experiment.

Polycarp Spentzas Bermuda Triangle UFO
Polycarp Spentzas, 1978.

“I immediately left and went to the bridge to ask, full of anguish, if anyone else had seen these strange artifacts. None had noticed. However, I was sure that something strange was happening over time and how the movement of these UFOs affected us.

“I looked at my watch and the time had passed. I put the radio receiver on 500 kHz, to complete the calendar and listened to the Morse code, but it was abnormally fast. I sent a time request signal at 15 MHz RWM (Radio Moscow) and I heard the response time signals too fast, so fast that I thought it was the station’s fault,” Spentzas explained.

Strange Time Dilation Due To Bermuda Triangle

The sailor jumped out of his chair, opened the window of the navigation room, and looked at the captain. When trying to use the Morse system he noticed that his hands could not handle even five letters per minute, taking about two minutes to walk to the chair to transmit.

“Annoyed, I told the captain: ‘My hands just don’t work, they don’t respond to me!’ He said no one should touch the ship’s autopilot,” he recounted.

Spentzas then recalled that the next day the crew had discussed the strange events that had befallen them all.

For example, a sailor complained that every time he lit a cigarette, he didn’t have enough time to smoke, because it burned immediately. The second officer, who was on duty from midnight to four in the morning, had gone to his cabin and was brushing his teeth before going to bed. He suddenly shouted that the time had just changed to 23:40, so he had no time to sleep.

Bermuda Triangle UFO
Greek newspaper detailing what happened.

“All of us felt bradycardia, an abnormally slow heartbeat, as well as hypothermia, during that time,” Spentzas added. For years I have tried to explain these curious occurrences. I believe the crew’s bradycardia and reduced reflexes are due to what is called “gravitational time dilation.” This process occurs according to the theories of Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein.

Certainly, gravitational time dilation is a consequence of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and other related theories, which postulate that time passes at different rates in regions of different gravitational potential; the greater the local distortion of space-time due to gravity, the slower time passes. This has been shown by observing that atomic clocks at different altitudes, and thus at different gravitational potentials, show different times.

However, the effects detected in these experiments are extremely small, with differences measured in nanoseconds; when those reported by the Greek merchant ship really seem to defy space-time and physics, as reported by members of the US Navy in recent years in their encounters with the so-called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Whatever really happened to Spentzas and his crew on that strange day in the Atlantic suggests that UFOs may have something to do with the Bermuda Triangle and its mysterious disappearances. It may be —who knows— that this time the sailors have been lucky enough to be able to recount the experience in our timeline…

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