2022 Predictions

Terrifying 2022 Predictions By Nostradamus: “A Dangerous Year Ahead”

The apocalyptic panorama that we have been living in recent times may not end in 2022, but quite the opposite, here we have gathered 5 terrifying 2022 Predictions by Nostradamus.

2022 Predictions By Nostradamus

The most famous seer of all time, Nostradamus, predicted various misfortunes for the year that is about to begin. “Great calamities of blood and hunger”, begins the page dedicated to next year.

The Nostradamus prophecies have become a classic for the New Year. It was even speculated whether the astronomer had guessed the arrival of the pandemic.

The predictions are found in the book ‘Prophecies’, written in 1555. Their omens go up to the year 3797, so there are also for the year in which we will enter in just two months.

These are the 5 prophecies of Nostradamus for 2022:

Climate war (2022 Predictions)

“Under the opposite Babylonian climate, great will be without shedding”

According to Nostradamus, the world will face a great climate war in 2022. The most likely scenario according to experts is that one country will be left without a resource and attacks another to guarantee the livelihood of its citizens.

The seer predicted that next year many basic resources will be scarce on much of planet Earth.


“Great calamities of blood and hunger, will appear seven times on the seashore, endless famines, captured places, captivity.”

Thus begins the prediction of Nostradamus on the tenth page of the III century, corresponding to the year 2022.

Experts interpret these verses as the prediction of a period of famine that will multiply next year due to armed conflicts.

This will cause large migrations. Seven times those who flee from wars will cross the seas, and those who do not die will be imprisoned.

2022 Predictions By Nostradamus

Fall of the European Union

“Sacred temples of Roman times, will reject the foundations of their foundation”

One of Nostradamus’ most worrying prophecies for 2022 is the fall of the EU. Some experts believe that Brexit could have been the beginning of its decline, ending with its collapse in 2022.

Death of a great leader

“The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed and they will put another in his kingdom”

Nostradamus alludes to the death of a great political leader in 2022. Based on this prophecy, there are already those who even give a name: Kim-Jong un. The leader of North Korea could be the victim of an accident.

Siege of a great city

“Around the Big City, there will be soldiers housed in fields and suburbs”

Some verses in which the most famous seer of all time premonizes the siege of a great European city, which could be London or Paris.

It does not say anything about the causes that could lead to this situation, but it could be due to a terrorist attack or a resurgence of the “Bread” that we are experiencing.

Was Nostradamus right in 2021?

Nostradamus’ predictions for 2022 can be scary. To know if they will really happen, we will have to wait, but we can see if what he predicted for 2021 has been fulfilled or not.

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