Ex-Area 51 Engineer US Govt. Allows Human Abduction In Exchange For Alien Technology

Ex-Area 51 Engineer: US Govt. Allows Human Abduction In Exchange For Alien Technology

According to an article published by International business times, it is believed by the alien and UFO conspiracy theorists that the U.S Government is conducting top-secret alien technology reverse-engineering research at multiple subterranean alien-government complexes.

Advanced Technology

According to conspiracy theorists, the testimony of whistleblowers suggests that the government is concealing the truth concerning contact with extraterrestrial species and exposure to advanced alien technology. It has been claimed by numerous whistleblowers have claimed that they have formerly served as government scientists and engineering contractors in subterranean alien-government research sites, such as the top-secret Area 51 military facility in the Nevada desert.

Believing the conspiracy theorists, it can be said that the crashed UFOs that have been found from the sites are housed in top-secret government facilities such as Area 51 and the Dulce subterranean facility.

Presence of Alien tech on Earth

Former Area 51 Engineer Bill Uhouse On Working With An Extraterrestrial Named J-ROD

Conspiracy theorists claim the accounts of many whistleblowers as evidence of continuous reverse engineering of extraterrestrial propulsion technology at Area 51. One such man is Bill Uhouse, who is around 70 years of age and has claimed that he worked from 1966 through 1979 as an engineer at the top-secret Area 51 facility in collaboration with a Grey alien.

This is believed to be a real photograph of an alien named J-ROD kept at Area 51.

According to Uhouse, who died in 2009, he worked in Area 51 as a mechanical engineer with a Grey extraterrestrial known as “J-Rod.” It has been asserted by him that he collaborated with “J-Rod” to produce a flight simulator for the training of Air Force pilots who were supposed to fly superior USAF stealth reconnaissance planes created by reverse engineering studies of extraterrestrial UFOs.

According to Uhouse, he connected with “J-Rod” using a modified Grey extraterrestrial technology for human use. The technology enabled human scientists and engineers to connect with Grey aliens through telepathy with the help of a complex translation program.

Bill Uhouse claims that “J-Rod” taught people at the facility how to operate an extraterrestrial spaceship. It is said that there are distinct species of the Grey aliens, and they consist of Tall Greys, Short Greys, and Greys of equal size to humans. However, it is unknown which of the three main Grey races “J-rod” belonged to.

Uhouse said that aliens and humans were doing reverse-engineering studies at a number of enormous subterranean complexes around the nation. The Area 51 research facility and the Dulce subterranean research facility are among the most well-known sites.

It is commonly thought that the Dulce alien-government subterranean complex, situated under the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, is significantly bigger and more substantial than Area 51.

Allegedly, the buildings were built with the purpose of accommodating Grey, reptilian, and tall white extraterrestrial alien-human hybrids under the tenure of Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, it is thought that the building of the alien-government facilities started.

The agreement with the Greys and the Reptilians stipulated that the government would let the aliens construct subterranean research centers where alien scientists would undertake bio-genetic research to create superior alien-human hybrids.

In order to assist the supposed bio-genetic research program, the U.S. government authorized the aliens to abduct a restricted number of humans for use as test subjects. The aliens promised to provide the U.S. government with access to their superior technologies, particularly aircraft technology.

UFO conspiracy theorists claim that the majority of alien abductions involve Greys and Reptilians conducting bio-genetic experiments on people in a Nazi-style endeavor to create human-alien hybrids. The U.S. authorities are aware that the extraterrestrials are breaching the provisions of treaties made in the 1950s, but the government is unable to stop the violations.

The subterranean facilities include expansive labs and engineering workshops. In these labs, the captive extraterrestrials and kidnapped humans are treated as Guinea Pigs.

According to Uhouse, there may be hundreds or thousands of Grey aliens working on advanced technologies for the Pentagon as part of their attempts to uphold their agreement with the United States government.

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Source – IBtimes

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