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Man Claims That UFO And A Mantis Alien Cost Him His Job

The gray and Nordic aliens get all the attention in the ufological world, let alone the reptilians, who have not only generated much fear but also many theories about their purposes. 
But there is one breed that is usually quite underrated: the “Mantidians,” named for their insectoid appearance. The Mantidians, however, could be the most hostile. One such encounter with a mantis alien was experienced by a young boy.

The Mantis Alien Encounter

A man in England claims that not only did he witness a 2-meter tall mantis alien coming out of a spaceship (which he managed to photograph), but also that this mantis alien being forced evil thoughts into his mind and caused him to lose his job in a dog food company.

“One Thursday morning at 5 am I was riding my bike home from work and I saw something strange in the sky. 
It was a bright orange sphere floating on the horizon. At first, I thought it must be Venus or a satellite, but it seemed to be much closer than either of these things.

Here begins the story of the 2-meter tall mantis alien by Paul Froggatt, a Warwick resident and former night shift clerk at a local dog food store.  The 26-year-old shared his alleged encounter with the British newspaper “The Daily Star.” For now, no other testimonies of similar sightings have been found in the area.

Man Claims That UFO And A Mantis Alien Cost Him His Job

“I stopped on my way to take some photos; the object seemed a bit larger in person than it does in the photos. This is when the object began to move and rotate. I could see that it was circular with a part protruding from the main body. When this started, I felt chills down my spine and I felt that something was wrong here, I hurried back home.”

The Froggatt photos appear to be closer to sunrise than 5 am and the object definitely looks like a planet from afar and a balloon closer. He claims that it seemed to follow him until he entered the forest, which he recalls was unusually calm and quiet.  That’s when he had an encounter with a mantis.

Man Claims That UFO And A Mantis Alien Cost Him His Job

Standing a few meters ahead was what I can only describe as a humanoid praying mantis. 
This thing was at least 2 meters tall, light green in color, with a triangular head and large oval black eyes. 
It had all the characteristics of a mantis, but stood on two legs and was somewhat human in shape.

“I was completely frozen with fear. For what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, I looked into this creature’s eyes and it stared back at me. I felt like he could read my mind and I could read his. My fear was replaced with completely strange thoughts of outright hatred and evil that I felt projected by this thing. Suddenly I came out of this hypnotic state and the creature took a step back as if it were going to jump on me.

Man Claims That UFO And A Mantis Alien Cost Him His Job

Unfortunately, that is the end of his story, except for the drawing he made of the creature. 
That description and his account closely match the description of the Mantidians seen by other witnesses and abductees.

These alien races are believed by many to be from the constellation Draco (dragon) and are generally described as being of great stature, with identical bodies but larger than praying mantises, with dark brown or black slanted eyes.

Man Claims That UFO And A Mantis Alien Cost Him His Job

Most accounts describe Mantis alien as brown or green, and some portray them in colored robes. 
They are bipedal and are said to communicate with each other through clicks and with humans through telepathy. 
Believed to be shapeshifters, they are sometimes seen with little gray aliens following them in their role as servants or helpers. 
The objective of these beings deduced from the abductions in which they were seen as the rulers – would be to collect DNA and other genetic material from humanity to create a new hybrid species.

Most of that description matches what Froggatt recounted to the Daily Star, which could mean that he had a close encounter with an alien of this type – although, beyond the photos and drawing, there is no solid evidence or testimony corroborative.

Froggatt had no answer, so he asked his colleagues, who, according to him, nicknamed him the “Mantis Man of Warwick” and tormented him so much that he had to leave work at the warehouse. 
This fact, although circumstantial, proves that the witness was serious enough about his experience to comment on it or seek help, endangering his work and reputation.

On the other hand, the fact that he was able to take photos of the UFO but not of its crew member.
Perhaps the first question of whoever reads this story in case of believing the witness can be explained by the casuistry itself, those who have this type of close encounter usually accused of not having any control over their body and claims to be controlled telepathically.

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