The business of Comic Con: Infographic shows the figures behind the movies

We all know about the immense figures that drive movie sales, but following the 50-year anniversary of Comic Con an infographic has attempted to decipher some of the numbers that make up the “spin-off” of the movie and comic industry, so to speak.

The business of Comic Con: Infographic shows the figures behind the movies

Comic Con is, of course, the subject, and the findings are pretty impressive. As we all know, this is an event that has captured the world over the years and we only have to cast our mind back to 2015 when 167,000 tickets were sold.

Yep, it’s an impressive number. It’s made even more impressive if we turn the clock back to 1970, where the conference sold just 145 tickets in its first event. Oh, how times have changed.

Quite amazingly, this isn’t an event in which the organizers (who are non-profit, by the way) have to drive sales for. The sales drive them. For example, if we now look at 2016, the event for that particularly year saw tickets sell out in one hour.

Naturally, such a fight for tickets presents some real black-market shenanigans. It’s not uncommon to see tickets for the entire weekend sell for thousands, even though face value is less than $300.

Based on all of the above, another interesting point from Comic Con is that it doesn’t always attract the big names. Sure, there’s a whole host of celebrity spotting that goes on at the event, and there’s plenty of resources that showcase this in its full flow. However, the infographic also revealed that back in 2018 there were no appearances for the likes of Marvel, HBO or Star Wars. In other words, three of the so-called star attractions.

Has this deterred fans? Not in the slightest. In fact, many are quite happy to open themselves up to smaller creators, and amongst all of the big figures that are branded around when it comes to Comic Con, it’s pleasant to see that it still does retain a degree of non-commercialism.

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