What you see first in this image reveals truths about your personality

Several netizens assure that this image can accurately describe truths about your personality

truths about your personality

The image with optical illusion effect has been published on the website  Wake Up Your Mind . In it you can see three things: a pair of semi-open lips, big and small trees, and the roots of the trees.

According to the website in English, this test can measure the flexibility of the individual or the tendency to be influenced by others. Doing it is very simple, just look at the image quickly and say the first thing you see in it.(truths about your personality)

The answers of the test:


If the first thing you saw was the lips, you are a simple and calm person who prefers a middle life and does not get complicated with unnecessary movements to find fulfillment. You are very flexible in your thoughts.

You are wise and, sometimes, even naive, because there is no evil in your thoughts and you always have good intentions. Your environment perceives you as weak and in need of help, but in reality it is not true. You can solve the problems by yourself without anyone’s help.(truths about your personality)

You do not care about complicated relationships and you like to be honest with people. That is why they come to you to ask you for advice or simply to speak, because they can trust your opinion and your answer is wise.


If the trees and / or tree trunks were the first thing you saw, you are extroverted. You have a relaxed personality and you are sensitive to the opinion of others, you are worried about what they think of you.

Even though you surround yourself with many people that you consider to be friends, few are the most sincere and true.

On the outside you are gentle and gentle, but in essence you are a strong person. You have wisdom and you can hardly be fooled, you also tend to hide your real emotions.

You are very demanding when it comes to choosing people and it is very difficult to gain your trust. Your mysterious side prevents others from finding out what is going on in your head. You are open to all the possibilities and results of the future to be successful in everything.


If you saw the roots first you are an introverted person. You recognize your mistakes and accept constructive criticism to change and improve.

At first they perceive you as a very common person, without talent or revolutionary qualities. However, this changes when they know you better and realize that you are extremely competent and enthusiastic.

You are very disciplined and diligent to meet your goals. Your moral values ​​are very solid and the ethical principles you want to live with are vital to you. That makes you a person who knows what you want and that, with that mental clarity, you will certainly succeed.

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In addition, you are independent and responsible. You always strive to be the best version of yourself and you trust that you can always improve. Although sometimes you have low self-esteem, you are a hard-headed person and show signs of stubbornness.

And what did you see first?

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