The controversial and shocking leaks of Wikileaks that led to the arrest of its founder

From killings of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, through the torture in Guantánamo and the spying of citizens through electronic devices, to the emails that cost the election to Hillary Clinton.(Wikileaks)


The leaks of WikiLeaks have impacted the world for more than a decade. It should be remembered that the cables they release are not inventions, they are official government documents that have opened the eyes of many to the actions of their governments.

Initially used in pursuit of democracy, to sometimes be used as a destabilizing weapon, there is no doubt that the Assange platform will go down in history and today, on the day of the serious arrest of its founder, international media remember the cables that They have caused more impact.

The biggest impact happened in 2010 when Chelsea Manning leaked more than 700,000 classified documents from the United States about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Probably the one that got the most out of it was a video that showed how the United States killed hundreds of innocent civilians and they were not reported. Simply “collateral damage”.


Violations and torture were described in the largest leak in the history of the US military, which exposed its disgusting methods. Along with that same line, thanks to WikiLeaks, they learned about the protocols of the torture camp that the northern nation has in Guantanamo, which some presidents have promised to close, without complying.

In the environmental field, it was thanks to them of the environmental disaster in Côte d’Ivoire, as well as that Britain, together with the United States, created spyware to put on smart televisions and turn them into microphones.


They revealed that the CIA openly spied on mobile phones of civilians, as well as on their computers and cars, breaking any promise of democracy.

Finally, perhaps one of the most controversial cases was the release of thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton in the middle of the campaign, which were later used by Trump as a weapon to win the elections.

WikiLeaks denied any kind of link with the current president or with Russia, but in case they had it, it will go down in history that was during the government that supposedly “supported” where it lost its freedom.

Silencing the messenger

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, was arrested on Thursday, April 11 by the London police, after Ecuador formally removed his political asylum. President Lenin Moreno made it known in his Twitter account:

For its part, Wikileaks stated in its accounts: “Ecuador has illegally terminated the political asylum granted to Assange in violation of International Rights. Julian Assange has not left the embassy, ​​but the Ecuadorian ambassador has invited the British police inside and has been arrested ».

The same Twitter account of WikiLeaks has also requested that the international community act on behalf of the activist and journalist.

Assange was wanted by the justice of the United States for the leaks of his WikiLeaks portal. The Department of Justice of the North American country had prepared a judicial accusation against the journalist, after the disclosure of cyber tools of the CIA and how the US government played a central role in the alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

The accusation was formal and the objective was to keep it secret until Assange was arrested, but it came to light when included by mistake in a public court document.

In 2012, the Australian journalist was also facing arrest by a European order issued by Sweden. The Scandinavian country claimed him for two accusations of alleged sexual crimes, which later did not prosper.

He took refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London in June of that year and, after two months, the then Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, granted him asylum. Later, he also gave him Ecuadorian nationality.

What the British say

In a statement, England said the following.

“It is absolutely appropriate for Assange to face justice in an appropriate way in the United Kingdom. It is the courts that must decide what happens next, “said Alan Duncan, the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in an official statement. “We appreciate the action taken by the Government of Ecuador and President Moreno. The facts of today are the result of an extensive dialogue between the two countries. I am confident of a strong bilateral relationship between the United Kingdom and Ecuador in the coming years. ”

Jeremy Hunt, English Foreign Minister said on Twitter:


“Julian Assange is not a hero and is not above the law. It has been hidden from the truth for years. Thanks to Ecuador and President Lenin Moreno for their cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that Assange faces justice. ”

Meanwhile, the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa discharged everything and called Lenín Moreno a traitor.

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