The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have super soldiers trained to use telepathy in combat

During the tense period of the Cold War, the US government. UU He tried to deploy a new weapon against the Soviet Union: psychic abilities. In 2017, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) declassified some 12 million documents that revealed experiments on telekinetic skills performed in the US, Europe, and the Soviet Union, including tests with the famous psychic Uri Geller.

In many of these experiments, the documents point out that individuals could demonstrate a new form of energy that moves and perhaps alters matter. In addition, the files claim that British scientists witnessed the appearance or disappearance of objects during some of these tests, which led the CIA to worry about the possibility that psychic enemies could create “poltergeist phenomena” to terrorize and confuse soldiers with psychic attacks. But it seems that the CIA is not the only one to acknowledge having prepared psychics for combat.(super soldiers trained to use telepathy)

Psychic soldiers

In the February issue of a magazine published by the Russian Ministry of Defense called  Armeisky Sbornik  (Army Collection), there is a curious article entitled “Super soldier for the wars of the future”. Written by Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, the publication details the work done by the Russian army with “combat psychics”, who are prepared to treat wounded soldiers on the battlefield, find hidden weapons, hack computers, intercept radio signals, interrogate the enemies telepathically or send orders to the dolphins with their minds.(super soldiers trained to use telepathy)

super soldiers trained to use telepathy soldiers telepathy combat - The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have super soldiers trained to use telepathy in combat

The article in Russian was published by the RBC magazine  . According to Colonel Poroskov, the tests with psychic soldiers were a success , who managed to read documents inside a safe or written in a language they did not know. Poroskov also claims that soldiers trained in the paranormal have the ability to psychically detect if a person is a terrorist. But there is much more, since Russian psychics have come to destroy generators, turn off computers and give telepathic orders to dolphins. And apparently, the Russian psychic division already has experience in combat . Poroskov says paranormal special forces were deployed in Chechnya, where they acted as psychic interrogators.(super soldiers trained to use telepathy)

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“The command was interested in how to extract information: reveal the plan of the enemy, the composition of the forces and assets involved … A person with meta-contact technology can perform, for example, a non-verbal interrogation. See “through” a captive enemy soldier: what kind of person he is, what are his weak and strong points, if he would serve as a spy. The reliability of the interrogation is almost one hundred percent … The special forces are trained in counterattack technologies for such interrogation in case of being taken prisoner. The most important people in the country or the leaders of large industrial and banking companies are also trained to preserve state or commercial secrets. “

Colonel Poroskov, in addition to being a regular columnist for RBC magazine, worked as a principal investigator for the military magazine Herald of Air Defense, as well as editor of the official newspaper of the Russian Ministry of Defense Krásnaya zvezdá. Poroskov is also a veteran of combat , and was awarded the medal of honor “for services to the homeland.”(super soldiers trained to use telepathy)

super soldiers trained to use telepathy Super soldiers telepathy combat - The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have super soldiers trained to use telepathy in combat

In addition, Anatoly Matviychuk, head of the analytical department of Soldiers of Russia magazine, spoke with RBC and said Russia’s paranormal training program is very real.

“The combat parapsychology was largely developed in the 1960-1980 period,” said Matviychuk. “The technique was developed by the Soviet Academy of Sciences in an attempt to discover the phenomenal characteristics of a person. A group of specialists worked under the direction of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR. The achievements of that time still exist, and there are attempts to activate them. These techniques were tested at hot spots in Afghanistan and Vietnam. “


For years conspiracy theorists have been warning about secret projects like Stargate, the CIA’s psychic espionage program or mind control experiments. While only a few believed in their words, society considered them crazy with a lot of imagination. But with the passage of time, it has not only been shown that the military forces of the countries have been actively working on this type of psychic projects, but they are still active. The truth is that as always, reality surpasses fiction.

What do you think about the Russian psychic soldiers? Are we on the threshold of a war that goes beyond weapons?

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