True Incidents Of Encounters With Scary Black Humanoids

Scary black humanoids with a smooth face are rarely spotted by humans and it is not clear that what exactly are these strange figures- ghosts, aliens some form from another world, or a hallucination?

In the paranormal world, there are many different strange creatures that people have spotted under different circumstances.
Some of these creatures are rarely spotted.
Most often, such meetings take place in wooded areas.
Judging by the descriptions of eyewitnesses, they all encountered something similar that has pitch-black bodies, but in completely different places and under different circumstances.

Stories of people who encountered scary black humanoids

This story was told by a person who worked at Fishkill, NY area.
He was one of the workers at a tourist camp and one evening he and his girlfriend had an appointment near one of the forest huts.

Scary Black Humanoid

At about 10 o’clock in the evening, he went through the forest to reach the hut, and in the middle of the forest, he suddenly heard some rustle in the bushes nearby. 
He got frightened scared as bear attacks were common in that particular forest but to his surprise, a strange creature jumped out of the bushes, which looked similar to a humanoid.

The creature had a human body, a head, two legs, and two arms.
Interestingly, it was deep black in color, and it was impossible to understand whether it was clothing or his skin.
However, the creature rushed back into the thickets.
At the same time, the man managed to marvel at how the movements of the alleged creature looked mechanical, as if it were not a living object, but some kind of a complex robot.
This creature was less than a meter in height and ran at such a speed with which a person definitely cannot run, the eyewitness was sure of it.

The following story comes from a woman who lives in Alabama.
One evening, the woman and her friend were on a drive through a forest area.
After a while, they stopped at the side of the road to rest.
Suddenly, the woman noticed some movement ahead:

 “It was standing only 10 feet (3 meters) ahead of us, right under the light of a road lamp. It was a terrible monster. My brain froze, I was scared and decided to remain quiet, but my friend let out a loud scream, and then the creature noticed us”

“It jumped to the side, and then awkwardly arranged its long legs, ran swiftly, and hid behind a tree. Then it stuck out from behind a tree, with its back to us, and then ran and disappeared into the forest. Only then I was able to utter the phrase “Did you see it too?”

Scary Black Humanoid

My friend immediately described the creature so I was sure that it was not a hallucination. It was material and moved on two legs. He had a shiny and dense-looking black skin, an elongated head, and an empty space instead of a face.

“The structure of the cranial bones was visible there, but there was not a single hole. No eyes, no nose, no mouth. It was so skinny that every bone of its body could be discerned, and it moved slightly hunched over. His arms dangled along his body, and his fingers were pointed. “

Similar to the first case, this creature apparently accidentally collided with people and did not want to have any contact with them. 
It is possible that it feared people more than they feared him. 

The third story came from a man who used to live in Germany in 2003.
He was living in a small rural town back then and was returning from church one day when he saw something incomprehensible in a side alley:

“On the side, under a lantern, stood a creature that had no face or clothes. It was deep black, about 2 meters high, and its arms hung below its knees. The strange creature just stood there silently. I saw him and immediately realized that it could not be a man. I was enveloped in a cold chill and fear. I could not stop looking at the creature, and then it took a step towards me.”

As I saw it approaching me, I ran as fast as I could where my parents were. I did not turn around. I didn’t know if it was following me, but I was in extreme fear. I never dared to tell other people what I saw, as I didn’t want to be ridiculed. But this creature stuck in my head and still haunts me in my thoughts. 

The creature spotted by the man was completely black, and no nose or eyes were visible on the face. 
The proportions of his body, with the exception of very long arms, were quite human, but it was very thin, as if emaciated.

Well, Let us know what do you think about the strange black humanoids in the comment section.

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