Photograph of a triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning in the Czech Republic

If you are one of the privileged ones that have seen a triangular UFO, you should know that you are not alone. In the last two decades, hundreds, if not thousands, of people have claimed to have seen this type of aircraft with their own eyes. But what many people ask is: What are these UFOs?(triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning)

 Experts in the field say that it is a spaceship with a triangular hull, with vertical electrostatic line charges at each corner that produces a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides. This field, which interacts with a flat wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generating a force by volume that combines elevation and propulsion. The official name of this “airplane” is TR-3B, and supposedly it has been financed by the National Recognition Office, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the CIA. The TR-3B is not fiction, it was built with reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology. In addition, there is all kinds of evidence of its existence, such as a new image showing a triangular UFO “feeding” on the energy of lightning in the Czech Republic.(triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning)

A TR-3B?

The incredible image shows clearly a strange triangular object right in the middle of a vertical beam that seems to have fallen to the ground. The snapshot was published in a video, entitled ” Live in the beam …” , uploaded to YouTube by the secureteam10 channel , which explains that the supposed extraterrestrial UFO is using lightning as an energy source, collecting energy through advanced technology.(triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning)

triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning

Tyler Glockner, responsible for secureteam10, offers another explanation for this strange UFO sighting. It could also be an alien ship traveling through lightning.

“Today we have an incredible new image,” Glockner explains in his video. “However, another of these objects, whether it has impacted, trapped or extracted energy from these rays, was photographed just as it was falling on the Czech Republic.”

The story behind this image is that the UFO was sighted by someone else. Glockner explains that Instagram user “mrslampshade” , who has a private account, later posted on social media a still image of the original video that showed the strange triangular object passing through the beam. Then an instagramer facilitated the photo to Glockner.(triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning)

More sightings

But the controversy does not end here. In a second video uploaded by secureteam10 , Glockner echoed an image posted by the Arizona Department of Transportation on his Facebook page , in which a strange orb can be seen in the sky similar to those seen during the “Lights of Phoenix”, the UFO sighting that was witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, and Sonora, Mexico, on Thursday, March 13, 1997.

“Meditating at midnight: is this the return of the Phoenix Lights? We have been seeing this light falling and flying over Phoenix, just west of I-17 near Durango, during the last few minutes, “said the description that accompanied the image.

triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning


And as expected, both the image of the triangular UFO in the beam and the orb on Phoenix have provoked all kinds of reactions in the conspiracy community and the most skeptical. Many believers claimed that the objects could actually be UFOs from somewhere in the galaxy. Others argued that governments are creating these unidentified flying objects to provoke false extraterrestrial invasions to later establish the coveted New World Order.(triangular UFO feeding the energy of lightning)

However, skeptics claimed that the mysterious objects could be drones or effects created with some computer program. There were also those who assure that the secureteam10 channel only makes false UFO videos public. Moreover, in 2017 the channel was demonetized by YouTube. Glockner said that everything was due to censorship for having demonstrated the existence of extraterrestrial activity on our planet. For this reason he was forced to open an account in Patreon, the most popular crowdfunding platform or collective financing.

What do you think of the triangular UFO feeding on the energy of lightning? Is it of extraterrestrial origin or do you have another explanation?



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  1. The triangle our family saw in 1980 was small about 10 feet or less it seemed, at treetop height about 20 feet away, moving in sync with our car which had slowed to around 10mph, it was late afternoon in broad daylight.It was matt black with no joints and no windscreen. after observing it for a few minutes my children became afraid and I decided to turn my attention to reading to them to divert their attention, the craft immediately ‘read my mind’ and flew off at great speed, only to reappear 1/2 a mile ahead of us. The next memory is of having arrived 5 hours late at the next town which had been only a couple of miles away. (we were driving through the borders) On the first anniversary of the encounter the craft appeared 300 miles away at our home. Again after a few minutes my children became frightened as ‘them’ knowing where we lived scared them and as I decided to walk on and ignore the craft it immediately flew off, this sighting was again about 20ft away but in the early evening so the craft had rotating lights.

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