The Hidden Stargate In the Sun Temple of Abu Gurab

The Abu Gurab solar temples could be considered ancient stargate for contacting deities and extraterrestrial beings.

The hidden Stargate in the Sun Temple of Abu Gurab

The ancient traditions of the native Egyptians and new research on the so-called Sun Temples of Abu Gurab describe a function of Stargate, created through the harmonic resonances of the temples.

Such stargates would have allowed contact with ancient deities or ancestral aliens. The Abu Gurab solar temples are located about 15 kilometers from the Giza pyramids and are part of the Abusir pyramid complex.

They were built with limestone, red granite and alabaster. Two ruins have been discovered in this town, Niuserra and Userkaf. The Niuserra solar temple was excavated between 1898 and 1901 by Egyptologists Ludwig Borchardt and Heinrich Schäfer.

The Userkaf temple was excavated in the 1960s. The Niuserra solar temple is the best preserved. According to archaeologists, its ruins show a configuration similar to that of other solar temples in Egypt:

A huge central obelisk and altar for rituals, with both buildings surrounded by a wall. The temple is arcane and quiet, with several buildings that attract attention for their size and precise design.

The obelisk was tall and massive, as can be seen from its foundations and from the rubble of the area (believed to be around 70 meters high). The large frontal altar is impressive as it has a hypnotic geometric design (it has been related to sacred geometry).

The hidden Stargate in the Sun Temple of Abu Gurab

The Sun Temple of Abu Gurab, could be stargates of extraterrestrial beings called “Neters”

Archaeologists have concluded that the temples were built by the V dynasty pharaohs, in approx 2400 BC. The purpose was for funeral ceremonies dedicated to the god Ra (sun god).

However, according to indigenous traditions, these temples are older and have only been restored and preserved by pharaohs. Abd’El Awyan Hakim (1926-2008) was a scholar of the indigenous traditions of Egypt, in particular, because of the ancient folklore Kemet, Egypt’s first ancient name.

Awyan Hakim said that Abu Gurab was designed to raise levels of spiritual consciousness through harmonic resonance, a process of harmonic-energetic amplification that would be generated by the vibrations of alabaster buildings, such as the great altar or the geometric platform that pyramid obelisk looming.

This level of consciousness would allow us to come into contact with the Neters, who would be a species of extraterrestrial beings or entities of sacred energy in the Universe.

Dr. Stephen Mehler is another scholar of Egyptian folklore (he was a student of Hakim Awyan). In his book Land of Osiris, he tells a legend that describes a type of “landing” of the Neters, which appeared in physical form, in the same location as Abu Gurab.

Surely this Egyptian tradition could describe a Stargate or Door of the Stars, since they speak of contact with extraterrestrial (or extradimensional) beings through a portal created with harmonic resonances.

Archaeologists believe that there may be many more of these solar temples in the Abu Gurab area. What do you think? 

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