Citizens are burning 5G antennas around the world

During the month of April, the attack on several mobile phone antennas in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom was reported, based on the alleged relationship between the 5G network and the pandemic that plagues us people are burning 5G antennas.

burning 5G antennas

According to various media, in recent weeks there has been a wave of arson attacks in the Netherlands against cell phone repeaters.

The last one reported by the corporate media took place in Groningen. “F * ck 5G” was written on one site. The actions did not appear to be claimed.

At least 15 attacks took place according to information released by the Dutch government through the media. Apparently, the first fire was in Beesd on April 4.

Since then, transmission masts have also caught fire in Neerkant, Rotterdam, Nuenen, Dronten, Groningen, Oudenbosch, Veldhoven, Tilburg and Almere.

Reportedly, none of the antennas were 5G carriers, with 2G, 3G and 4G masts. Police reported that the sabotage method was similar at each site. An instigator of the Groningen fire was caught on a surveillance camera.

European police officials are reportedly being removed from terrorism cases to investigate arson attacks on 5G mobile phone towers.

The anti-5G arson attacks that initially took place in the UK have sparked an explosion of attacks across Europe and beyond.

According to UK authorities and mobile companies, another 20 attacks on 5G masts took place in the UK over the Easter weekend.

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Arsons were reported in England, Wales, and Scotland during the bank holiday, and others followed the previous weekend. So far there have been 53 attacks according to the media.

Corporations continue a joint media offensive to discredit the attacks, blaming them for the results of the “disinformation” spread by “conspiracy theorists” and botnets controlled by state actors like Russia and others.

burning 5G antennas

A fire-damaged telecom tower, reported in local media as being a 5G network mast on the EE network, operated by BT Group Plc, stands in Birmingham, U.K., on Monday, April 6, 2020. Telecom masts that enable the next generation of wireless communication were set on fire in the U.K. in recent days, apparently by people motivated by a theory that the tech helps spread the coronavirus. Photographer: Darren Staples/Bloomberg

What do we really know about 5G technology?

“Never seen speeds of navigation and download that will allow new functionalities in our mobiles and the ‘boom’ of the so-called internet of things, the connection through the network of many devices at home, work centers and public roads “

It is the official letter of introduction of 5G technology, the new telecommunications standard that is expected to be implemented massively throughout the year 2020 and which more and more citizens oppose due to the risk that, according to reports, it can pose for the health of people and other living beings.

This movement against 5G, with a long history in other countries, has spread in Spain, wherein full confinement new platforms have been born through social networks with the intention of raising awareness among the population, and claim that before they begin To install in various areas of the country, the harmful effects that it may cause on human health and the environment should be reviewed.

Joan Carles López, a specialist in electromagnetic pollution, is an advisor to the group.

He regrets that this new technology has not been sufficiently experimented with humans to know the effect that the massive installation of millimeter-wave repeaters can produce in a spectrum of 700 megahertz.

He has compiled more than 70 scientific studies that point to the harmful effects that these waves have on the cells of animals and plants, a warning from the scientific community that ensures that it is being ignored by the strong economic interests behind the deployment of 5G.

He explains that in the day to day of his work he meets people who have health problems related to existing networks and warns that the problems will multiply with 5G.

“5G radiation would cause a long list of conditions ranging from cancer to the involvement of the immune system, with the consequences that this would have in the spread of a virus.”

It also rules out that 5G could be an enhancer or a transmission belt for the pandemic that we are experiencing these days.

Although the reaction to the waves depends on the genetics of each individual, it points to some of the most common disorders, such as insomnia, aggressiveness, or hyperactivity.

Now, companies in the telecommunications industry are engaged in a public relations battle over anti-5G actions and the implications for the expansion of 5G and the “Internet of Things.” How will it all end?

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