The Indian army claims to have found evidence of the Yeti

The army of India said Tuesday on Twitter to have found the “mysterious footsteps” of the Yeti, the supposedly large beast that would inhabit the snows of the Himalayas.(evidence of the Yeti)

evidence of the Yeti

«For the first time, a mountain expedition team of the Indian Army has located the mysterious footsteps of the mythical beast ‘Yeti’ measuring 81 by 38 centimeters, on April 9, 2019 near Makalu base camp, in the Himalayas» , affirmed the communication service of the Indian Army (ADG PI, in English).

The publication was accompanied by three images on Mount Makalu that for the Army are “without any doubt” the steps of the Yeti through a snowy area, a straight line of large footprints separated from each other. The prints are 81 by 38 centimeters.

The army of that country specified that the “elusive snowman” had only been seen in that park “in the past”, without giving more details. “However, it was an Indian Army expedition team the first to spot such a large number of tracks,” said a military source, who requested anonymity from the news agency EFE.(evidence of the Yeti)

The marks in the snow were found by a military team that on April 2 began the conquest of Mount Makalu, the fifth highest summit in the world with 8,485 meters and that they intend to finish in the second week of May.

While they were acclimated in Langamale Kharka, at about 4,000 meters, the soldiers spotted the footsteps of the supposed Yeti. “The team has collected enough photographic evidence and videos, which will be delivered to experts in the field after the return of the expedition,” said the military source.

evidence of the Yeti

The publication of the Indian Army was quickly shared on social networks, where the answers varied between jokes and trust in the military. The alleged sighting was also taken up by Indian media.

«Congratulations, we are always proud of you. Greetings to the mountain expedition team of the Indian Army. But, please, they are Indians, do not call the Yeti a beast. Show respect for him. You can say that he is a “snowman” », the writer launched and next to the extremist Hindu RSS Tarun Vijay.

“Could not there be a simpler explanation?” Asked the writer Siddharth Singh, and attached images of snowshoes, to which another Twitter user, Mritunjay Sharma, commented that the footprints appear to be marked by only one foot.

In 2007, a group of explorers from Nepal and the United States already claimed to have sighted traces of the legendary ape-man during an expedition on Everest, a legend that has been fueled by a multitude of explorers, including the first to reach the summit. Everest in 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, who claimed to have seen their footprints on the highest mountain in the world.(evidence of the Yeti)

Considered a legendary being of Tibetan and Nepali mythology, some experts link him to a species of orangutan that inhabited the Himalayas millions of years ago, and others to a species of bear

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