The monarchical scepter: magic tool related to the pineal gland

Only a few people seem to know about the monarchical scepter, an immanent emblem of power in kings and queens

Origin Of Monarchical Scepter

It has its origin (for example, particularly the English) in the Tirso, a magical tool of priestesses of the Greek Dionysus .

monarchical scepter

Purpose Of monarchical scepter

The scepter was used to transfer the spiritual power from the subtle planes to the king or queen by the priest or priestess the process included the naked back of the king or queen being touched by the scepter from the crotch ( kundalini seat ) to the skull.

Another curiosity is that the Tirso was made by inserting a pineapple (pine) in a consecrated reed; the very shape of the pineapple refers to the pineal gland and has been a symbol of this gland since archaic times.

monarchical scepter

The knowledge is initially from Egypt and the Templars brough this knowledge about the pineal tree and used it as a secret symbol among their peers and represented it as a pineapple, as shown in the last photo, taken in the Templar encomienda still existing in the Gothic Quarter from Barcelona.

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