The Mysterious Alien Abduction Case Kelly Cahill An Australian Woman

The Alien abduction case of Kelly Cahill is considered one of the most bizarre and at the same time quite plausible. 
The woman not only remembered the moment of the abduction, but also the marks remained on her body.

On the early evening of August 8, 1993, a 27-year-old housewife and mother of three, Kelly Cahill, was driving with her husband in a car to attend an old friend’s party in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

At about 8’o clock, they drove past the quiet foothills of the Dandenong Ridge, the road went through deserted wastelands and there were very few other cars on it. 
It was just another ordinary calm evening and Kelly’s husband was driving their car, and she herself looked out the window, watching the evening horizon until she spotted a “ring of orange lights” standing on the ground near the road.
As they drove past it, Kelly Cahill told her husband that it looked like that a UFO landed. 
Her husband laughed and said that it was probably just a helicopter. 
The couple visited their friends, spent several hours there, and then drove back home along the same road. 
It was already quite dark, so the “orange circle of lights” was now clearly visible, and now the object was not standing on the ground, but was hovering low in the sky. 
It hovered directly over the road on which Kelly was traveling.

Kelly Cahill

“It was somewhat round in shape and had glass and windows, with illumination from below. We drove closer and closer to it, but the object did not make any noise. And then even my husband said that I was right and that it was something strange. Then I said, “I swear I saw people in the windows,” after which the object swerved sharply to the left and flew away as fast as it could.

Kelly Cahill

We continued to drive, but after about a kilometer we saw a very bright light ahead. I asked my husband “What are you going to do?”, And he said “I’ll try to go further” and that was the last thing I remember. My body was filled with adrenaline. heartbeat, and then we woke up in the same car. “What happened?” Asked her husband, he said “I don’t know. Maybe we turned the wrong way.”

Kelly Cahill

Both Kelly and her husband felt really strange as if they had missed upon something and could not remember, but they did not understand what had happened. 
They only noted that for some reason their car smelled strongly of vomit, although they did not see any traces of vomiting.

They both felt that something had clearly happened to them, something was wrong with them, but they continued to drive along the road as if everything was in order. 
Suddenly, they saw a tall, dark figure, not very human, on the side of the road.  

When they both arrived home, they realized that their journey back from their friends had taken them exactly an hour longer than necessary. 
However, what happened to them at that hour, none of them could recall. 
Suprisingly, when Kelly went to bed and took off her clothes, she saw a strange mark in the shape of a triangle under her navel, it was a scar mark. 
She hadn’t had anything like it before.

Kelly Cahill

She felt unwell, she had headaches, nausea, abdominal pains, and severe muscle fatigue. These symptoms did not go away the next day and lasted a whole week. 
Kelly’s husband had nothing of the kind.
Kelly’s whole body ached and she could hardly walk from a sharp pain in the stomach. 
Her husband took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with an infection in her uterus. 

When Kelly Cahill was in the hospital, the memory of that wasted time began to return to her in fits and starts. 
It was like bright flashes from the subconscious, which she gradually started to understand.
Kelly remembered that when she and her husband saw a bright light in the car, they stopped and then saw fuzzy moving silhouettes on the road.
They moved towards them.

Later, when Kelly recovered and they were driving along the same road again, she was suddenly covered with a wave of absolute fear and from that moment she began to remember in parts almost everything that happened to her.
She recalled that beyond the bright light, she and her husband saw a huge object that was standing in the field next to the road. 
The object was 50 meters or more in length.
They got out of the car to get a better look at the object emitting the strange light, after which Kelly saw that there was another car on the road, from which three people got out. 
This implied that there were more kidnapped people at that point, and it was not just Kelly and her husband.

Kelly Cahill saw a tall, thin black figure with glowing red eyes right in front of her. 
The creature approached her and she got scared. 
She began to shout at her husband to save her, and then for some reason screamed “They have no Soul! They have no soul!” 
Then there were several red-eyed humanoids at once and they all came closer and closer to Kelly and her husband.
She remembers that at some point she turned to those three people on the road and shouted to them “They are evil! They want to kill you!”.
She went into a severe hysteric with fear. 
She fell to the ground, it was difficult for her to breathe and she went blind. 
All she could see was just darkness. 
The red-eyed creatures began to send telepathic messages to her brain that they would not harm her. However, Kelly felt with every fiber of her soul that these creatures were evil.
Then her anger at them overcame her fear, and she began to shout at them to leave.
She threatened and cursed them.

A few weeks later, Kelly began to have frightening dreams about how a black red-eyed alien appears in her bedroom and pulls her legs out of bed. 
Her body was paralyzed from the waist down, and she felt herself flying through the air towards the humanoid.
And then she woke up every time.

It was strange that Kelly’s husband did not remember anything, but Kelly remembered more and more details of her abduction every day.
At some point, Kelly decided to contact the ufologists and she called Billy Charlker’s group from the Sydney UFO Research Center. 
This group began a large-scale investigation of the case and in a short time, they managed to find several witnesses who were driving along the same road that evening and saw bright lights and unusual lights.

They also managed to find the other three people who were in a different car.
Interestingly, they also bore mysterious triangular scars on their bodies, but could not remember anything about what happened. 

Kelly Cahill

Eventually, the whole story was leaked to the press and Kelly Cahill for a while became one of the most popular media figures in Australia. 
She was invited to television shows, on the radio, and interviewed. 
In 1997, she published a book entitled Encounter: The True Story. 
Over the years, she continued to piece by piece recall the details of the events of that night.

Kelly said that at some point, the aliens told her that they were planning an invasion of Earth, and then, after being abducted, she was once pursued by a strange black helicopter without identification marks. 

Although her words seemed absolutely fantastic to many, it was hard not to believe her. 
Kelly did not suffer from any mental disorders, she did not have depression, excessive imagination, and all her neighbors and friends called her an honest and sincere woman. 
Besides, all of these strange triangular scars on her body and the bodies of other people couldn’t just be coincidence. 
Something really unusual happened to them that night.

The Kelly Cahill case has become one of the most famous Australian alien abduction cases, although there were many questions to it. 
Kelly never remembered what exactly the aliens did to her after the abduction, and her story mostly revolved around the moment when she and her husband saw the bright light and fuzzy figures.

Let us know what you think about this case of Alien Abduction and feel free to share your personal experience, if any, in the comment section.

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