Secret Military Excavation At The Mysterious Tsarichina Hole And Baba Vanga’s Prediction About Alien Technology Inside it

In the remote wilderness, near the village of Tsarichina in Bulgaria, there is a strange small hole in the ground, filled with concrete. 
In appearance, there is nothing special about it, and many people can walk by without even noticing the hole.

However, this nondescript piece of land is shrouded in mystery and is the epicenter of all sorts of strange stories of undercover operations, UFOs, aliens, and unexplained paranormal phenomena. 
Bulgarians call this place “Tsarichina’s Hole” and its history indeed is very strange.

The History Of The Mysterious Tsarichina Hole

It all started with the fact that on December 6, 1990, the Bulgarian military moved to the region and began excavations at the site.
The operation was to be conducted in complete secrecy and was called “Operation Shining Ray” (or “Sunbeam”). 
Armed men chased away the curious, and violators, it is believed that intruders were dealt more severely. 
The whole place was literally swarming with the military.

Mysterious Tsarichina Hole

Rumors circulated among the locals that they were looking for an ancient treasure that was allegedly buried somewhere near Tsarichina. 
It was believed to be the lost treasure of King Samuel. 
Rumors were spread that the military did find something unusual underground, however, not the treasure.

Colonel Tsvetko Kanev

According to leaked information from Colonel Tsvetko Kanev, the group dug down to a strange spiral tunnel and found a mysterious rectangular slab made of an unknown material that was never identified. 

Soon after, a psychic woman named Elisaveta Loginova was allegedly brought to the excavation site. 
She seemed to have the gift of foresight and could see what exactly is deep underground without any instruments.

Elisaveta Loginova

She told the military that the stone slab is a “bio-shielding slab” and that it is covered in dangerous bacteria and should not be touched. 
She also told them that there was a skeleton in the tunnels that is neither a male nor a female.
She further stated that the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga also knew about the Tsarichina Hole.

The Tsarichina Hole As Described By Baba Vanga And Elisaveta Loginova

Both Loginova and Baba Vanga simultaneously stated that there is something very deep in the tunnel that sends telepathic messages upward. 
Despite the warnings, the military still decided to enter the tunnel.
The military discovered other anomalies such as a slab in the form of a concave lens, an image on a stone of a tall humanoid figure, taller than a human, and another tunnel with completely smooth walls, a silvery floor. 
The walls of the tunnel were covered with some very unusual hieroglyphs.

Police Near The Mysterious Tsarichina Hole

When the military reached their main target which was the protective plate, they stumbled upon an invisible force field and a very bright beam of light that did not allow them to come closer. 
Wanga warned that the entire cave is under the protection and that everything below is not yet ready to be discovered, therefore, if necessary, it will defend itself with the use of force.

Baba Vanga reported the following:

“When excavations were carried out in Tsarichino, the aliens told me that the research should be stopped. Don’t dig, it’s not your time! There is the center of the Earth – at a depth of 2000 km, there are crystals. One is big, like the sun. Don’t touch it!” 

People will not reach it, but they will disturb the atmosphere. It is a large crystal that is dangerous and will remain there as long as the Earth exists. It controls the Earth’s movement. Stop digging because otherwise, the Earth will die. Hard days will come for your people. There will be many new, terrible diseases if you dig in Tsarichino. 

There is hell in the hole, but it is not hell. There are people living there like you, but their origin is different. There is also a space device. It was sent by an extraterrestrial civilization. There are astronauts down there. Thousands of years ago, when your country did not exist, a civilization from another planet sent a spaceship with three astronauts to Earth. These were not people, but robots. 

They were sent to investigate life on Earth, but they were damaged, and the spacecraft crashed in Tsarichina. With every meter you dig, more and more radiation will be emitted. Do not dig in the pit of Tsarichina, now is not your time! “

Despite the warning, military continued their excavations, and various anomalous phenomena began to occur in the Tsarichina region, which frightened the villagers deeply. 
They saw UFOs in the area, ghostly pictures, and some of them even claimed that they had thoughts that were not their own. 

In total, these excavations lasted for two years and all this time, the psychic Loginova said that she was constantly in telepathic contact with those creatures that were sitting there deep in the tunnel. 
They transmitted various messages through her in the form of fancy codes and she deciphered them.

“These were encrypted letters, in total I received over a thousand pages of codes during the excavation of Tsarichina. The texts are incredible. This is a collection of ancient scriptures telling about the history of man’s creation. How he was created, how he was brought to Earth, how he should survive, and what we must do to keep the Earth alive. 

Elisaveta Loginova

The earth is part of the overall planetary synchronicity. This cosmic civilization wants the Earth to survive. Synchronicity cannot be broken, because then the chaos will come. This information is contained in codes, in an encrypted letter received in Tsarichino. 

Elisaveta Loginova

They also talk about the so-called energy people. They are marked by them, and through the energy of humans, they maintain synchronicity on Earth. They prefer to make contact in order to get this information, because it is very difficult, and not every brain can process this amount of information. I know this is true, 

Elisaveta Loginova
Presumably one of the pages with codes that Loginova wrote down (not the original)

Other psychics were also involved in the excavation, but majority of them could not stand such a volume of work and quit.
For some, telepathic messages acted like a shock and they simply could not stand it.
For example, another psychic with a long-term vision, Marina Naplatanova, committed suicide during excavations.

On November 19, 1992, the military unexpectedly gathered all their people, tents, equipment, and then began pouring concrete into the Tsarichina hole to seal it forever. 
When they closed everything up tightly, they left and never came back here.

No explanation was given as to why they abandoned the project, and indeed no official reason at all as to why they were there at all.
 All the alleged evidence that was gathered regarding what was found in the tunnels was destroyed or marked as classified and buried in secret archives

“All notebooks (with codes and transcripts) mysteriously disappeared along with all the magazines that we compiled in Tsarichino. The film that we shot before the closure of the project also mysteriously disappeared. I have no evidence left to confirm our work. I can use only your words and hope that people will believe me. “

Elisaveta Loginova

Over the years since the end of the excavation, there have been numerous rumors and wild tales about the Tsarichina hole. It was said that the military had found an interdimensional portal there, or alien skeletons, or giant crystals of power, or plans for alien technology, or the secrets of the lost continent of Atlantis. 

Elisaveta Loginova

There are also stories that they found a triangular alien ship there, as a result of which this place was called “Bulgarian Zone 51” for a while.

Elisaveta Loginova

Although the story of the Tsarichina hole has become quite famous in Bulgaria, it is a mystery that remains rather confusing, unclear, and says little about what happened at all.

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