Citizens Record A Large Fleet Of UFOs Over Mexico

It appears that aliens are not even trying to hide in these troubled days. The large number of UFO sightings recorded or photographed by mobile phone cameras and shared via social media are starting to get out of hand. 

It is no wonder that celebrities like  Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have started to openly declare that they have been in contact with aliens, and why Harry Reid, the leader of the Democratic Party in the United States Senate, and other politicians have recorded new confessions about the existence of possible intelligent extraterrestrial life and highly advanced technology.

It is also not a coincidence that we suddenly have astronomers and astrophysicists making historical discoveries about the possible existence of extraterrestrial life on planets like Mars, Venus, and Pluto. Or that it has now been revealed that microscopic aliens may have been visiting Earth and multiplying for centuries. 

Or that scientists now admit that 36 “active” civilizations in our galaxy may be trying to contact Earth. And it is because of sightings like the one that occurred in Mexico, that many people believe that they are preparing us for the Great revelation or the Project Blue Book.

Fleet Of UFOs Filmed Over Mexico

A haunting video uploaded to YouTube on October 28 shows what appears to be a large array of lights in the sky.

 They were apparently recorded in a medieval-themed housing and tourist complex known as the municipality of Tetlatlahuca in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala on the night of October 22.

In the images, at least three dozen glowing orbs can be seen moving back and forth across the sky in a somewhat erratic fashion. 

The objects in question do not appear to have wings or other telltale signs of a man-made machine, but simply appear to be points of light. 

As one can imagine, the video has caused quite an earthquake among UFO believers who argue that the mysterious luminous objects are potentially alien in nature.

Specifically, they say that the fact that the anomalies are not all moving in the same direction would seem to preclude the usual explanations for such sightings, which is that ‘UFOs’ are just balloons or Chinese lanterns in the sky. 

Even the popular ufologist Scott C. Waring has also wanted to pronounce on the incident, ensuring that it is definitive proof of extraterrestrial activity on our planet, in addition to monitoring the situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

“You will see an entire fleet of cloud orbs going in all directions,” Waring wrote on his UFO Sightings Daily blog . “Now if these were balloons, they would all go in one direction: the direction the wind is blowing. However, that is not the case here. They move with deliberate movements, they have intelligence. There are no wings, ruling out planes, birds. This is of absolutely strange origin. An entire fleet of UFOs means that something big is about to happen. Perhaps they were left to monitor an increase in COVID-19 infections in Mexico. Aliens love to collect information. “

That being said, the prosaic possibility put forward by skeptics to explain the presence of the strange lights is that they are drones. Leaving this theory aside, there are also those who have linked this sighting with the one that was recorded by the cameras of the International Space Station (ISS) in April. As you will remember, the ISS was moving in an indeterminate place on Earth, but at any given moment, hundreds of lights information appear in the direction of our planet.

UFOs Over Mexico

The images showed the presence of strange objects sneaking up on Earth. It was ruled out that they were satellites or meteorites, since their speed increased, and after a few minutes they disappear without leaving a trace. 

This “coincidence” has led some conspiracy theorists to suggest that this fleet of UFOs of extraterrestrial origin is related to the presence of strange lights in the skies of Mexico and that it shows how everything is part of a silent alien invasion, and that have been positioned as if it were a chessboard.

And if we add to this what we have commented at the beginning of the news, an unusual number of discoveries related to life on other planets, and the widespread censorship on the Internet on the UFO subject we are facing the perfect storm, or what it is. the same, they prepare us for the so-called “First contact”.

What’s your take on the puzzling video? Is it all part of a silent alien invasion?

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