The Mysterious Disappearance Of Hunrath And Wikinson After Alien Encounter

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Hunrath And Wikinson After Alien Encounter

There are various alien abduction incidents out there, but the strange incident discussed in this article is one of its kind. The subject of today’s article is a peculiar UFO case that has never been solved. All the alien abduction cases have one thing in common, that the abductee is brought back to the place from where it had been abducted. It could be at his residence, his car, or anywhere. But in this enigmatic case, the abductee was never brought back, as if he had gone for ever.

Alien Abduction( Hunrath )
Alien Abduction

This article is about the accounts of two UFO researchers from the early 1950s, Karl Hunrath and Wilbur Wilkinson. They were small players in the field of Ufology. However, their narrative is still significant today in the field of alien abductions and even in government records. Hunrath and Wilkinson were residents of Racine, Wisconsin. Wikinson’s family was a perfect example of the typical American family of the 1950s. He was a guy with a relaxed, laid-back demeanor. He happily lived with his wife and their three children. On the other hand, Hunrath was a loner who was known for his short temper and his inexplicable dislike of women.

They both had completely opposite ideologies and characters, but they were linked by a shared interest in the rising Flying Saucer craze. At the time, Hunrath was employed by the John Oster Manufacturing Company in Racine, Wisconsin, which produced kitchen equipment. It was the type of job that made Hunrath make a living and pay bills, but it wasn’t enough for him. He was more interested in thrills. He wanted to leave the comfort of his house to do something exciting, and he wanted to be the person who figured out the UFO mystery.

Wilkinson was just as interested in the Saucer phenomenon as Hunrath, but he didn’t have as much drive as his friend. Even though they were both inclined towards UFOs, their interests varied slightly. Wilkinson just wanted to know who the aliens were, where they came from, and what they wanted from us. While Hunrath was curious about alien technologies and how they functioned, how do UFOs work? How do they perform various movements at very high speeds? Was it possible that they possessed deadly weapons that surpassed even the most advanced atomic bombs we had?

California UFO capital of the world (Hunrath)
California UFO capital of the world

In order to have any hope of finding the answers, Hunrath decided to go to the UFO capital of the world, which is California. So Hunrath quit his job, and eventually his bank account emptied, and ultimately set off for Los Angeles. As for Wilbur, he advised him to relocate to California if he wanted to find out the truth about extraterrestrials. Wilkinson hesitated for a while, but in the end, he did what his master told him to do, just like a good puppy. Wilkinson was lucky that his family was excited about moving to the West Coast. In no time, everyone was living in apartments in Los Angeles.

Encounter With Bosco(Alien Humanoid)

Hunrath and Wilkinson’s worlds were about to collide in the most bizarre way imaginable. The first step they took towards their UFO ambition was to join the biggest players in the Ufology industry in California. They were George Adamski and George Van Tassel, who, as we’ve seen, had secret FBI files opened on them. Hunrath and Wilkinson also got in touch with alien contactee George Hunt Williamson of Arizona, who was also being watched by J. Edgar Hoover. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the FBI quickly opened files on Hunrath and Wilkinson.

The FBI documents on Wilkinson are less compelling than those on Hunrath. The Hunrath documents reveal something very bizarre. It’s about an encounter that happened in his bedroom at night in 1952, just before he left for California with Wikinson. What he encountered that day wasn’t a typical alien with large heads; rather it was a humanoid that entered his house and injected him with a large quantity of chemicals while he slept. Hunrath awoke soon, as one might expect.

Klaatu, from the 20th Century Fox movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Klaatu, from the 20th Century Fox movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Hunrath’s health was severely impacted by whatever those chemicals were. In spite of the fact that Hunrath was fully awake, he felt disoriented and his head began to spin. His body felt paralyzed. The only thing he could do was to look, and his attention was drawn by a tall, thin, dark-suited man standing over the bed. In a way that was similar to what Adamski and Van Tassel had experienced, Hunrath’s intruder said something like, “I am Bosco.” “You have been chosen to join our brotherhood of galaxies,” he says with a European accent. Bosco looked like Klaatu, from the 20th Century Fox movieThe Day the Earth Stood Still.

Like every other alien encounter victim, he was also warned that their tendency for war would soon lead them to a horrific war with the Soviets. In other words, the alien wanted to warn us that we were on the verge of being annihilated by an atomic bomb. Bosco told Hunrath that he and a lot of other people had been chosen to help the aliens stop the end of the world from happening. He warned Hunrath that if nothing is done quickly, then probably the time is not far when humanity will be wiped out.

Hunrath’s mind was preoccupied with information about UFOs, their technologies, and their mission on Earth, according to FBI files referring to “occult techniques.” Bosco chose Hunrath and revealed the techniques to destroy Russian aircraft. The same technology can also be used to bring down American military jets. Hunrath was the man for Bosco who could carry out his mission. So the story goes, Hunrath’s mind was immediately filled with technical and scientific images that would help him make his own weapons of mass destruction. In the darkness of the bedroom, Bosco crept out the window, opened it, and disappeared into the night.

Hunrath decided to move to California because he was now on a mission. Hunrath and Wilkinson vanished on November 10, 1953, and were never seen again. It is believed that an extraterrestrial entity was influencing and downloading information into their minds just weeks before they vanished. It was even confirmed by a resident of Prescott, Arizona, George Hunt Williamson, who claimed that he had seen this with his own eyes, late at night in his own home. Williamson said that it appeared that the two were receiving messages from the afterlife, as if they were utilizing a Ouija board in full darkness. According to Williamson, in one similar session, they almost looked like they were high on marijuana.


During this time, they were given directions that would lead them to a small airstrip near Gardena, in Los Angeles County. Both of their stories were about to come to an end. Williamson said that Hunrath and Wilkinson would soon meet aliens in a remote part of California, but Williamson had no knowledge of the location. The two men awoke early the next morning and drove to the airport in their rental car. We don’t know why they didn’t use one of their own vehicles. As they reached the airstrip, they filled out all the necessary documents to get to the plane that they had rented a few days before.

Disappearance Of Hunrath And Wikinson

Hunrath was an experienced pilot who had been flying for a long time. Later, one of the staff remembered that Hunrath had said they were going to a certain part of the California desert to meet “friends.” The same worker said that the plane had enough gas to fly for about three hours and that the two were planning to get back in the late afternoon. He reported that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred that day and that everything appeared to be in order. That same employee watched as Wilkinson and Hunrath boarded the aircraft and took off, at least until he was certain everything was as it appeared to be. Up till then, everything seemed to be fine.

UFO hovering above aeroplane
UFO hovering above aeroplane

However, in the late afternoon, when no connection was established with Hunrath and Wikinson , the officials at the airport started panicking and soon contacted the emergency services. Local pilots then went on an expedition to find the missing people, but they found nothing. There were no signs of a crash, flames, or anything. Even the FBI and local police were unable to solve the mystery. There were no traces of such a huge plane. There was news spread among the local UFO community that the two men with the airplane were abducted from the skies. The Los Angeles Mirror newspaper wrote about the missing men, the missing plane, and the UFO connection on November 20, ten days after the event.

There was no interview from Hunrath’s side since he was a bachelor. On the other hand, the media went to Mrs. Wilkinson for a talk. She did not care much about Hunrath. So it was clear that Hunrath was alive and the main concern for her was Hunrath’s location. She agreed to publish a missing person report in the newspaper to find Hunrath. But that didn’t work and only served to heighten the suspense. The mystery of their disappearance could not be solved.

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