The Disappearance Of Pilot Frendrick Valentich: “It Is Hovering Over Me And It’s Not Human”, Know The Truth

Even after 42 years the vanishment of Pilot Frendrick Valentich from the coast of Australia still remains an enigma today.

The Disappearance Of Pilot Frendrick Valentich: "It Is Hovering Over Me And It's Not Human", Know The Truth

The Disappearance Of Pilot Frendrick Valentich

In 1978 a low-time Aussie pilot Frederick Valentich disappeared into the thin year while he was flying a rental Cessna 182. Before getting vanished he reported a flying object hovering above him. This could be a possible case of alien abduction.

The Disappearance Of Pilot Frendrick Valentich: "It Is Hovering Over Me And It's Not Human", Know The Truth

Background Of Pilot Frendrick Valentich

A young Australian pilot named Frederick Valentich took off on Oct. 21, 1978, in a rented Cessna 182L from Moorabbin Airport in Victoria at 6:19 p.m. He was flying to King Island which was 130 nautical miles away. He had to fly over the Bass Strait, a strait that was famous for adverse weather conditions but on that day the sky was clear and the winds were calm. Also, Valentich was desperate to reach there as his friends were waiting for him for a dinner along the water’s edge.

It was very unfortunate that Valentich never reached Kings Island. At 7:06 p.m, he reported to Air Flight Service that a flying object is hovering over him.

“Seems to be a large aircraft, below five thousand…just passed over me at least a thousand feet above.” Valentich was at 4,500 feet. “It’s approaching right now from due east towards me…It seems to me that he’s playing some sort of game.”

Frederick Valentich

His report seemed doubtful to the Air Flight Service because at first instance he told that other aircraft is completely stationary. Next, he reported that it was orbiting over him and later reported a rough-sounding engine. However, at 7:12 p.m. the transmission ended with a loud metallic noise. Valentich and his aircraft were never found.

UFO Conspiracy

Frederick Valentich was deeply convinced by alien theories and believed in their existence. He also believed that one day aliens would definitely attack earth. While some believed that he has collected some shreds of evidence related to aliens that is why he was abducted. Though this seemed a bit like a fairytale but the eyewitness claimed that something strange was there in the sky on the day of Valentich’s disappearance. A strange green light was spotted by an individual similar to one reported by Valentich.“It’s got a green light and is sort of metallic. Like it’s all shiny on the outside. It’s just vanished…”

A farmer in Cape Otway, an area along the edge of Valentich’s flight path, spotted a flying object hovering over his property on the morning of the incident. The farmer stated that the flying object was approximately 30 meters across, and it appeared to have a small airplane attached to its side. He noted down the aircraft’s tail number as the attached aircraft was leaking oil. He noted down the number on one of his tractors so he would not forget it. The number matched Valentich’s Cessna.

Theory Behind The Frendrick Valentich’s Crash

Frederick Valentich was an aspiring young pilot and had great goals for his aviation career but unfortunately, he was rejected by the Australian Airforce twice. Recently he failed the second attempt at passing the commercial flight exam. In just 150 hours of flying experience he had made multiple mistakes. He once entered the restricted airspace and twice he intentionally flew into clouds because of which he was under the threat of legal undertaking.

It was a tedious task even for a trained pilot to fly during the sun set and in Valentich’s case, he was not even a certified pilot.He was not focused during his flights rather he was declined towards delusion of UFO as he was obsessed with aliens. There could be a possibility that the four lights he observed above him could be of another aircraft moreover it could be the lights of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and a bright star called Antares.

As indicated by the transmission it is believed that he fell victim to the titled horizon illusion because at one point he began circling his aircraft. He could have become perplexed and either entered a graveyard spiral or even become inverted. Also, it could be a possibility that the green light could be the reflection of his own aircraft from the water.On the basis of the gravity-fed fuel system of a Cessna, his fuel could have been emptied and that is the reason why his transmission ended with a rough sound.

The Fake Disappearance Theory

On the night of Valentich’s disappearance, multiple reports of an unidentified aircraft landing on Cape Otway were reported to police officials. Valentich would have been in the Cape’s general vicinity when he began broadcasting with Air Flight Service if he followed the flight plan he filed to the Air Flight Service. There could be a possibility that Valentich had reported false UFO sightings in order to stage his own disappearance. The reason behind the staged disappearance could be that it would not only confirm his abduction but it could also provide him with a new start to his otherwise problematic life.

The Truth?

The alien abduction of Valentich was most likely false instead he met with an accident. The narrative by the farmer was fascinating but it was surfaced after 36 years of Valentich’s disappearance.Despite the greatest efforts of the UFOlogist, such a farmer has never been found. Only after it was written in the newspaper about the green light the eyewitness claim about such lights.

It was sad that the aircraft landing spotted by individuals over Cape Otway was not a landing but an aircraft crash into the nearby water body. Valentich’s fascination with UFO had proved to be life-threatening to him.His aircraft was never found but later in 1983, an engine cowl flap washed ashore on Flinders Island, and on further investigation by The Bureau of Air Safety it was concluded that the engine cowl flap was part of the same Cessna 182 that Valentich was flying that day.

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