The Operation Paperclip: When Nazi Scientists Were Brought To America

The Second World War came to an end in 1945, and shortly after the catastrophic war got over the allied intelligence agencies launched a concerted treasure hunt for the German military and scientific inventions, including rocket and jet-engine technology and the plan involved the recruitment of Nazi scientists in the U.S. Intelligence Services under the operation paperclip.

The Operation Paperclip: When Nazi Scientists Were Brought To America

Both the nations gained huge benefits from the ruins of Adolf Hitler’s war machine, however, the U.S. War Department’s Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) in particular scored a victory with a hidden operation that was known as Project Paperclip, headed by then U.S. President Harry Truman in September 1945.

The objective of the Project Paperclip was:

“To exploit German scientists for American research and to deny these intellectual resources to the Soviet Union.”

The Operation Paperclip: When Nazi Scientists Were Brought To America

The technical achievement of Germany was worth praising and it astounded the Allied scientific intelligence experts.
The inventions in Nazi laboratories, workshops and factories included the  Supersonic rockets, nerve gas, jet aircraft, guided missiles, stealth technology and hardened armour.

It was evident that the recruitment process of the Nazi scientists commenced after the victory in Europe on 8 May 1945, however, no formal order was passed by the President to execute the Operation Paperclip until August 1945.
In 1946, President Truman officially approved the operation and allowed the recruitment of 1,000 German Scientists under “temporary, limited military custody”.

The official order passed by President Truman specifically mentioned not to recruit anyone found “to have been a member of the Nazi party and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazism or militarism”.

Such restriction put by President Truman would have categorized a few extremely talented scientists ineligible.
Among those were rocket scientists Wernher von Braun, Kurt H. Debus, and Arthur Rudolph, and physician Hubertus Strughold, who were earlier classified as a “menace to the security of the Allied Forces”.

The State department representative of JIOA, Samuel Klaus proposed that many of the enlisted scientists were “ardent Nazis,” but the complaint was overruled by the JIOA Director Bosquet Wev who declared that  “the best interests of the United States have been subjugated to the efforts expended in ‘beating a dead Nazi horse.’”

He further stated regarding Russia that:

“far greater security threat to this country than any former Nazi affiliations which they may have had or even any Nazi sympathies that they may still have.”

The Operation Paperclip: When Nazi Scientists Were Brought To America

The Nazi scientists who were recruited under the Project Paperclip included:

  1. Arthur Rudolph: He was director of the Mittelwerk factory at Dora-Nordhausen concentration camp, where 20,000 slave laborers died, and also a National Socialist since 1931.
    He was described in Allied files as “100% Nazi, dangerous type, security threat… Suggest internment.”
    Nothing was found in his records indicating that he was a war criminal or an ardent Nazi or otherwise objectionable by JIOA.
    He later became a U.S. citizen and designed the rocket that was used in the Apollo Project moon landings.
    In 1984, he fled to West Germany when his record of war crimes was reopened.
  2. Werner von Braun: He was the technical director at the Peenemunde rocket research center from 1937 to 1945 and developer of the deadly V-2 rocket.
    Later, he worked on guided missiles for the U.S. Army and served as director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.
    He also became a national celebrity in the 1960s as one of Walt Disney’s “World of Tomorrow” experts.
    Werner also served as an associate director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the 1970s.
  3. Hermann Becker-Freysing: Due to his inhumane activities, he was convicted and later sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.
    He was indulged in conducting experiments on Dachau inmates, including force-feeding of seawater that was chemically treated to make it “drinkable.”
    Even before his trial Becker-Freysing was paid by the U.S. Air Force to report on his sadistic experiments.
  4. Kurt Blome: He was yet another Nazi scientist who admitted experimenting on concentration-camp inmates with plague bacilli.
    He was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg in 1947.
    After two months of his acquittal, Blome was in Maryland, consulting with the U.S. military on germ warfare.
    The U.S. Army Chemical Corps hired him in 1951 to continue his life’s work and passion.
  5. Walter Schreiber: He was a Nazi major general who made funds available to the assigned doctors to experiment on concentration camp prisoners for such inhumane experiments.
    His detention in Russia (1945–48) was the reason he was spared from the trial as a war criminal.
    He next surfaced at the Air Force School of Medicine at Randolph Field, Texas.
    Columnist Drew Pearson revealed Schreiber’s crimes in 1952, whereupon the U.S. government arranged passage for Schreiber to join his daughter in Argentina.

The other names who served to the U.S. Intelligence service were Reinhard Gehlen– one of the THIRD REICH’s top intelligence officers who were linked to the torture and murder of countless victims, Klaus Barbie, the Nazi “Butcher of Lyon” and another valuable CIA intelligence asset, whose association with the U.S. intelligence service saved him from trial and execution for war crimes.

Names of all these nazi scientists were cleared from the active involvement in Hitler’s genocidal regime.
More than 750 Nazi scientists were granted US citizenship by 1955.
It is also believed by many that the postwar scientific looting of Germany by the United States also included secrets concerning UFOs.

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