The Pentagon Investigated Alien Abductions Of Military Personnel

The Pentagon Investigated Alien Abductions Of Military Personnel

In a new interview, Lue Elizondo, former head of a secret Pentagon program, claimed that the US has investigated UFO abductions of military personnel.

Abductions of people by UFOs —something known as Close Encounters of the 4th Kind, are among the most controversial and shocking features of the phenomenon. They have been reported in all parts of the world, including multiple abductions, where alien entities appear to perform scientific and medical experiments or tests on their victims.

And military personnel are not exempt from these types of otherworldly experiences. This has been revealed by Elizondo in an interview conducted by the journalist Baptise Friscourt for his YouTube channel.

Toward the end of the conversation, Baptiste asked if he had investigated military abductions and if any physical evidence, such as implants, had been recovered. To which the former official replied: “Yes, and unfortunately I can’t go into detail about that at the moment.”

When asked if the number of alien abductions had increased, he said: “That’s a difficult question to answer because we don’t know if it’s really increased or if more people feel comfortable coming out and reporting it, and therein lies the problem.”

“It’s like the crime rates on the streets when you hear they’re up 10 percent or down 10 percent this year—well, actually, either there are more police on the streets, or the lawyers are convicting, or the judges are ruling out more cases. We have to be careful with the numbers because we need a lot of numbers for it to really make sense and we still don’t have the ones we need,” he added.

Although Elizondo sometimes chooses not to answer some questions for reasons of confidentiality, the truth is that he has been revealing some interesting things little by little. Since the UFOs sighted by the Navy do not belong to another power nor are they homegrown, to the existence of classified videos that prove it.

It should be recalled that he resigned from his position at AATIP —a secret Pentagon program that ran from 2007 to 2012 to study UFOs—as he sought to bring the discussion of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) into the mainstream, describing them as a ” national security problem.

“I’m not a UFO guy, I’m an investigator, my job was simple, collect data and tell the truth, ” Elizondo told The Sun. There’s something in our skies, we don’t know what they are, we don’t know how they work, we don’t fully know what they can do, we don’t know who’s behind the wheel. We also don’t know their intentions, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Are Aliens Good Or Bad?

“There are three options: they are Good, they are neutral, or they are here for bad reasons. The first option, which implies that they are here to help us, could be ruled out: when my country dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, no UAP stopped that. They also didn’t stop the Cold War, nuclear weapons buildup and testing, the Korean War, Iraq, or anything like that. They did not stop world hunger or even the covid pandemic. So there is little evidence to suggest they are benevolent,” Elizondo told Baptiste.

“That just leaves us with the other two options, either they are neutral ( this has been suggested by scientists ) or they are malignant. And if there is the remote possibility that they are evil and what we see is that they are actively monitoring our military capabilities, as if they are preparing the ground for something, it is better to let this whole thing come out now than to do it in 50 years. when, perhaps, they decide to surprise us and we cannot do anything for not having been able to share the information in time, “he concluded.

This latest revelation comes shortly after certain US legislators admitted the “impotence” of the country in the face of the “violation of restricted airspace by UFOs” and denounced that the national security agencies are not taking the issue seriously. seriousness and speed that they should.

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