The strange case of Reincarnation of Omm Seti: A woman who proved to have lived in ancient Egypt

Dorothy Eady, also known as Omm Seti, stated that in her previous life when she was Bentreshyt, the Temple of Seti was surrounded by trees and had a beautiful garden.
As a matter of fact, at that time, gardens were nowhere to be seen.
Interestingly one day, archaeologists excavated something unprecedented, a garden.
The excavated garden wasn’t an ordinary garden somewhere in Abydos.
The garden was placed in the exact same location, where Dorothy said the garden would be.
Numerous people around the world believe reincarnation to be real.
One fascinating case of reincarnation is the case of Dorothy Eady:  a woman said to have been a Pharaoh’s lover and priestess in her past life, thousands of years ago.

The tale of Dorothy Eady aka Omm Seti

Dorothy was born in 1904 in a suburb near London, UK.
When she was merely three years old, she accidentally fell and injured her head drastically and was declared dead by the doctors.
However miraculously, Dorothy Eady didn’t die and at that very moment, her life changed entirely.
Her actions changed and were not those of a normal three-year-old, and her parents could see that.
On numerous occasions, young Dorothy asked to be taken back home, to Egypt, thousands of miles from the suburbs of London.
She was firm that she could recall her past life and that she was born, in a different life, across the sea in the land of the Pharaohs: Egypt.
Not only did Dorothy remember who she was, but she remembered incredible details from a time when she was an Egyptian priestess.

Omm Seti
In her previous life, Dorothy Eady claimed she was a priestess of Isis at the Temple of Abydos.

As per her revived memory, she was a woman called Bentreshyt in her past life.
As per Dorothy, she served at the court of Pharaoh Seti in her previous life.
The radical change in her behavior could not be explained and Dorothy drove her parents crazy.
Once while looking at old images of the temple of Seti, Dorothy stated that it was there where her home was.
She could not understand why there were no trees and gardens around the temple, but she was firmly convinced that it was there where she lived, thousands of years ago.
Her parents once took her to visit the British Museum in London as she entered the Museum, her behavior became even stranger as she ran towards the mummies of ancient Egypt with statues of all Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, which young Dorothy began kissing uncontrollably.
Soon after, Young Dorothy began screaming in a voice that sounded strange, unfamiliar, and extremely ancient, leaving her parents shocked.
By when Dorothy turned fifteen, she had already started to study the history of Egypt, and that is when the young woman had her first comprehensible dream about the mummy of Pharaoh Seti I.
The alleged magical encounter brought back numerous memories of her past life, and it was then when she began putting two and two together.
The gradual memories and dreams, and the knowledge about ancient Egypt she was grasping led Dorothy to renounce Christianity and embrace the old polytheistic religion of ancient Egypt.
Dorothy had an incredible ability to learn Egyptian symbols.
She started learning Egyptian hieroglyphs at the British Museum leaving her teachers astounded as to how could she learn a new language with this much ease
Dorothy asserted that she could learn the language easily because she wasn’t learning anything new but was only remembering a language she had forgotten.
Dorothy married Eman Abdel Meguid, an Egyptian student she had met in England.
In 1932, upon arriving in Egypt, Dorothy kissed the ground knowing that she was finally at home and decided to stay there only.
Eventually, their marriage bore a son whom she named –not surprisingly- Seti. This is why Dorothy Eady was called Omm Seti, which means the mother of Seti.
For years, Dorothy tried hard to remember her past life, putting together a puzzle, thousands of years old: The reincarnation of Bentreshyt.
Dorothy found out that in her previous life she was a young woman named Bentreshyt, who grew up at the Temple of Seti in Abydos since she was three.
Dorothy claimed to have numerous visitations of a spirit called Hor-Ra, who aided her in deciphering the secrets of her past life.
She was left at the temple by her father- a soldier, who could not take care of the child after her mother, a modest fruit seller, died.
In her previous life at the temple of Abydos, where she became a priestess and consecrated virgin eventually, she met the living God-Pharaoh Seti I, and the two eventually fell in love.
As the Pharaoh’s lover, young Bentreshyt ended up pregnant but unfortunately, the fate of such a relationship did not have a happy ending.
A high priest of the temple told Bentreshyt that the child she was expecting would represent a great offense against the Goddess Isis and could cause various problems to the Pharaoh, so she decided, or was instigated to commit suicide.
For years, Dorothy aided archaeologists in their research work, proving that somehow, her fascinating story was real.
Dorothy shifted to Abydos in 1956, where she was known as Omm Seti, and it was there where she faced numerous challenges that would test her stories and knowledge.
When Dorothy visited the Temple of Seti, the chief inspector from the Antiquities Department who was aware of the tale of Omm Seti decided to test her knowledge in order to find out, whether or not her story was true.
She was demanded to stand near a particular wall painting in nearly complete darkness.
There, the chief of the antiquities department told her to identify them according to the memories of her past life.
Interestingly, the answers were fascinating.
The paintings and markings Dorothy identified had never been witnessed by anyone in the world as they were never published.
But not only did she know all of the answers, in addition to that she also told the chief of the Antiquities Department of things that they had not even discovered yet.
The tale of Omm Seti became more popular, and she helped with excavations and research in Ancient Egypt.
She translated extremely difficult pieces of art that even the greatest archaeologists couldn’t.
Her knowledge of the ancient Egyptian language aided archaeologists who were unearthing at Abydos.
Many researchers avidly listened to what Omm Seti had to say when it came down to ancient Egyptian history. 
One of them is famous British Egyptologist Kenneth Kitchen.
While Kitchen never wanted to openly admit it, there are several written resources that indicate he carefully listened to her.
However, Kenneth Kitchen was not the only one.
It turns out that Nicholas Reeves also took her visions into account when he began searching for the ‘lost tomb’ of queen Nefertiti.
According to Dorothy Eady, the tomb is in the Valley of the Kings.

”I did once ask His Majesty where it was, and he told me.
He said, `Why do you want to know’? I said I would like to have it excavated, and he said, `No, you must not. We don’t want anything more of this family known.
But he did tell me where it was, and I can tell you this much.
It’s in the Valley of the Kings, and it’s quite near to the Tutankhamun tomb. But it’s in a place where nobody would ever think of looking for it,” she laughed. “And apparently it is still intact”

Dorothy Eady

Dorothys Garden at Abydos

Dorothy would go every morning to the temple to pray.
During the birthdays of Isis and Osiris, she observed food ceremonies, bringing beer, wine, and bread, just as it was done thousands of years ago.
 Dorothy said that in her past life when she was Bentreshyt, the Temple of Seti was surrounded by trees and had a beautiful garden, at that time garden was nowhere to be seen, but later on, it was found exactly where she stated that garden would be.
Such incredible knowledge and her fascinating abilities are enough proof for many people that reincarnation is real.
Skeptics will always remain cautious when it comes to things like this. However, many people in Egypt strongly believe that Omm Sety, Dorothy or Bentreshyt, did reincarnate and lived during the reign of Pharaoh Seti I thousands of years ago.

Dorothy passed away on the 21st of April in 1981.
But she made sure that before her death, locals would remember her, and they did, as a passionate lady with a never-before-seen knowledge of Abydos, ancient Egypt, and ancient Egyptian language.
Whether skeptics believed in her or not is another story, the locals surely did.

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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  1. There is truth in this, we are all as they say energy. Her time, according to her story, her time was not ready to be cut short. Her life was not fully accomplished. She sounded fascinating, it must have been amazing to see her work and hear her speak the language of the pharos.

  2. I believe. I have had similar memories of past lives that have emerged as spiritual lessons confront me
    in this life. The psychic Edgar Cayce gave thousands of readings of past lives for people. It is there for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

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