The Reddit user who accidentally went to another dimension and discovered astonishing truths

The user of the Reddit website with the nickname “draygon231” tells. “Last summer I experienced one of the most disturbing events in my life. I still don’t really like to remember this and people will surely think that it’s hard to believe, but I’m sure that they will hear me here. I am a student from Kentucky. Last summer I had to get an internship at a rehabilitation center, but in two days another student took my place and I had to work on the territory of our campus in Tennessee in the summer. To some extent, I was even lucky; my friend and I got the opportunity to be together and soon moved from the hostel to the rented house. (another dimension)

another dimension

But then my friend decided to go to her home for a while, earn money for the summer, and I began to miss her a lot. Finally, unable to bear it, I went to her and we had a good time. Then I came back and here it happened.

The road from our house to the campus is actually quite simple. You drive along the highway from the mountains, reach the city of Knoxville, and then drive along another highway to the university. Back exactly the same. Just in case I always have a GPS in my car, because sometimes I am forgetful.

That day I left campus very late, it was already 11 pm. However, everything was fine and I soon drove through Knoxville and rebuilt on the highway leading to the house. I was driving, listening to music when I suddenly realized that something was not right.  I turned off the music and looked at the GPS screen.

There was some strange turn, but in reality, I didn’t see a turn on the highway at all, and the highway itself ended, there was a dead end. It was something incomprehensible because I knew perfectly well that this highway is long and goes including to my former college in Lexington, Kentucky. (another dimension)

another dimension

I decided that at Knoxville I had turned wrong and went back. I drove carefully and cautiously and it was already 3 am, while I was driving and driving and there was not a soul or a single car around me.

Finally, I got to the desired intersection, and suddenly my radio stopped working, only static crackle was heard on the air. I was very surprised and tried to set up another station, but there was silence everywhere.(another dimension)

Finally, I stumbled upon some station that sounded like old organ music. By the quality of the recording, I would say that it was the music of the 30s-40s of the 20th century.

From the sound of this music, I became quite creepy and I turned off the radio altogether.  Standing at the crossroads and choosing where to turn, I looked around the city of Knoxville and suddenly realized that it looked old-fashioned, so to speak vintage. Everything was like there from the 60s, buildings that I saw, a gas station with a single filling hose. And not a single person. It felt like I was in a ghost town. (another dimension)another dimension

At the same time the city did not look abandoned, the streets were clean. Then I saw a fire truck and it also looked like it came from the 60s. Finally I drove off and drove, it seemed to me, on the right road. Everything around was also like from the 50s-60s and gradually I was caught up in panic anxiety. And it seemed to me that I was being pursued.

The next moment scared me even more, the road suddenly narrowed so much that my car took up almost its entire width and the trees around were also completely different than before, they were tall and wide. There were almost no streetlights on the road, it was quite dark.

And suddenly I saw a turn. I noticed him because of the little yellow lantern that stood near the tiny chapel. The chapel looked antique and without a spire. By the time I was not surprised at anything, only to myself said: “What the hell”. I turned there and my only thought was to get home as soon as possible.

On this road, the light disappeared altogether and the headlights of my car were its only source, and the road itself looked old and practically abandoned. After the next turn, I saw a cart with a horse in front of me, for me this was not a novelty; Amish (Ammanites) rode such vehicles in my places.

True, everything was a little different, the wagon did not have a reflecting element behind, laid down by the laws.  When I began to overtake the wagon, I saw in it an Amish, a man, and a woman, they stared at me and looked frightened. Then there was another Amish wagon and one more, I have no idea what they did there at such a time. At some point, they almost clamped me on all sides.  (another dimension)

another dimension

Finally, I did it all the way to my house, and until the very end of the way the radio in the car did not work. I somehow undressed and got into bed, and before that I sent a message to my friend’s smartphone. Last week, during which I felt like a complete stranger.

My mind kept returning to the night-time incident and scrolled it over and over again, and dark thoughts began to prevail and they were so strong that one day I suddenly realized that I was holding a knife at my throat.

My friend was worried about me and offered to go to church, I agreed and went, and after that, it became much easier for me. Then my friend said that maybe something was attacking me.

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I agreed with her. Perhaps my state of mind was so exhausted, I missed her so much and felt lonely that even my heart ached. And some evil spirit or demon took advantage of it and penetrated me. (another dimension)

But again, I still do not understand what happened to me on the road and after. Was it connected with the penetration of an evil entity into me, or did I somehow fall into another dimension or time “

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