UFOs ‘Disconnected’ Nuclear Aircraft Carrier And Caused Brain Changes In UFO Witnesses Says Former AATIP Director

After coming into contact with UFOs, some individuals reported having developed artistic or extrasensory abilities.

UFOs 'Disconnected' Nuclear Aircraft Carrier And Caused Brain Changes In UFO Witnesses

While scouring popular YouTube shows about UFOs, Mr. Luis Elizondo, former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program ( AATIP ), is making headlines by revealing new nuggets of information about this phenomenon.

For example, on March 23, 2022, he appeared on the Earth Files program of well-known ufologist and investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe, who was celebrating surpassing 200,000 subscribers. There she revealed new details about two previously known facts: that UFOs interfered with electrical and nuclear systems, and that there are unique physical effects for witnesses after close encounters.

First of all, he talked about an “alleged” incident in the 1970s when UFOs took an entire nuclear-powered aircraft carrier offline for some time. This revelation was made in a discussion in which Elizondo pointed out why the world’s governments were so secretive about these objects and why they considered them a potential security threat.

The second revelation was even more shocking. Some pilots and others who had been in close contact with UFOs were known to have suffered negative brain damage and radiation burns. But Elizondo pointed out that while this was the case, there were also others where exposed people had “positive” effects after contact.

For example, some individuals suddenly developed artistic abilities—such as being able to “play the piano” even though they never had a lesson. Others also developed Extrasensory Perception (ESP) abilities. All this points out that UFOs have the ability to interfere with and sensory modify the human brain.

Next, the entire interview. The comments alluded to here begin at minute 28; however, it is worth watching the full video


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