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The UFO Night: Multiple UFOs Photographed, Sighted, And Chased By Brazilian Military

In May 1986, an incident occurred in Brazil, called “UFO Night”, when several military pilots, as well as hundreds of soldiers and officers, observed more than twenty unidentified ultra-high-speed flying objects at once.

The UFO Night: Multiple UFOs Photographed, Sighted And Chased By Brazilian Military

The UFO Night Incident: The Encounter Of Brazil Military With 21 UFOs

One of the pilots tried to chase a brightly shining object, but he did not succeed, because the UFO was moving at a speed of about 11,500 miles per hour. 

It happened late in the evening on May 19, 1986, and the first “armada” of UFOs was noticed by the controller of the Brazilian Air Force, Sergeant Sergio Mota da Silva. And he did not spot them on the radar, but visually – he noticed a strange glow in the dark evening sky when he was in the control tower of the airport near the city of Sao Paulo.

To get a better view of the objects, he asked airport workers to dim the runway lights, after which the shining objects began to approach the airport even faster. And when the dispatcher later asked to turn the lights back on, the UFOs began to sharply move away from them.

“Whether they tried to interact with me, I don’t know. What I do know is that they behaved reasonably,” de Silva told a BBC journalist.

Since it was only about eight o’clock in the evening, the soldiers and officers from the training barracks near the airport were still awake and they also saw unidentified flying objects in the sky. There were at least 2,000 eyewitnesses and, according to them, there were 21 unidentified flying objects in the sky.

Some objects were estimated as having a width of about 90 meters (!). 

Captain Armindo Souza

An Embraer plane landed at the same airport an hour after the incident and also reported seeing several strange objects in the sky as it approached the airport. 

Later it turned out that the mysterious lights in the sky were seen from the sides of two passenger planes, including one flying to the central part of Brazil.

After that, it was decided to send military pilots into the sky to track down these strange objects. But this turned out to be a difficult task because the UFOs shining in the night sky were visible only visually and still did not appear on radars. 

At the same time, there were cases when everything was just the opposite – something was displayed on the radars, but visually the pilots did not observe anything. So very soon the pilots were disoriented by what was happening. They did not understand what they were dealing with and what to do in such a situation. 

Initially, three fighter jets were sent to intercept the UFO, including a Mirage F-103 that took off at almost 11 p.m. with Captain Armindo Souza Viriato at the controls.

Captain Armindo Souza
Captain Armindo Souza

Soon, his high-performance warplane was speeding up to 1,000 miles per hour, but as he approached a single UFO, it accelerated to some absolutely incredible speed. Viriato calculated its speed and the UFO was traveling at 15 times the speed of sound or 11,500 miles per hour.

If there is an aircraft capable of reaching such a speed, I do not know about it,” he said in an interview a few years after “Night of the UFO”.

The very first aircraft to take off to intercept UFOs around 10:30 p.m. was an F-5E piloted by Lieutenant J. Kleber Caldas Marinjo. Soon he noticed a bright object in the sky, which was moving toward him, and began to approach him, and the object after that stopped moving towards him and began to quickly gain altitude. 

“I continued to follow it up to about 9 km when I lost radar contact and the object was only visible visually,” he said.

Brazilian ufologist Ademar José Gevaerd believes that alien technology was demonstrated to humans that night, “significantly superior to ours.”

“They never tried to attack us. They just played cat and mouse with us,” Gevaerd says.

Photograph Of The UFO From UFO Night Brazil 1986

On the same “UFO Night” one Adenir Britto, a local newspaper photographer received an urgent call that UFOs were flying “right above him” in the sky. At first, he thought it was a joke, but when he left the office, he saw a UFO with his own eyes and started taking photos

You can find some of his UFO pictures online, but it’s hard to say what they show. The objects were probably moving so fast that the photos turned out exactly the way they did.

The UFO Night: Multiple UFOs Photographed, Sighted And Chased By Brazilian Military
Photograph Of The UFO captured by the reporter
The UFO Night: Multiple UFOs Photographed, Sighted And Chased By Brazilian Military

The Investigation Of UFOs By The Pentagon

This story received worldwide publicity due to the hearings on the UFO phenomenon that began in the Brazilian Senate this week. The media indicated that at these hearings, experts from around the world will speak with Brazilian politicians about UFOs. 

For decades, the topic of UFOs remained in the shadows and was the prerogative of the tabloids, until the US authorities “opened this abscess” a couple of years ago. Various videos of UFOs filmed by American military pilots, interviews with pilots and other military men began to be massively published, and last summer a large report on UFOs was published in the US Congress .

It is indicated that Luis Elizondo, who led the secretive Pentagon Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and participated in UFO hearings in the United States, will take part in the Brazilian hearings.

“The hearings in Brazil should be a wake up call to other countries. Brazil has historically been one of the most open countries with UAP participation and has been considered a hotspot for this phenomenon for many years,” he said in an interview.

The term UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) and officials are increasingly using it to replace the term UFO. Mainly due to the fact that the UFO turned out to be painfully strongly associated with the yellow press. 

Elizondo also said that the fact that the Brazilian government “takes this seriously, along with the US, is an indicator of the seriousness of this topic.”

Elizondo says he was honored to address the Brazilian Congress and applauds their courage and perseverance on the subject of the UAP.

“Perhaps the United Nations and other international governing bodies will see what Brazil is doing and follow suit. I am encouraged by Brazil and its desire to raise this topic to the level it deserves – this topic should not be stigmatized and taboo, but should be scientific and academic research”.

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