The UFOs of the Hopi tribe and the ant people

The history of the Hopi tribe goes back thousands of years ago, making it one of the oldest cultures on the planet.

The UFOs of the Hopi tribe and the ant people

Unlike other myths that speak of gods descending from the sky, The ancient legends of the Hopi tribe convey the history that the Hopi deities reside in the center of the Earth.

Similarly, like almost all pre-Columbian cultures, the Hopi firmly believe that someday, not too far away, the gods that initiated human culture will return to Earth.

They have always lived according to the teachings given to them by Masauwu, Master of the Fourth World, whose ethical concepts are deeply rooted in their culture.

However, unlike many mythologies, the Hopi believe that their gods do not live in the infinite cosmic space, but live in the heart of the Earth, conveying the idea of ​​ hollow earth ahead of time. They speak of their deities as the “ant people.”

In fact, some petroglyphs found near Mishongnovi, in Arizona, which represents the oldest Hopi petroglyphs, show the enigmatic beings with ‘antennas’ that give an idea of ​​the ant people.

According to Hopi mythology, the beginning of time, Taoiwa, the Creator, created Sotuknang, his nephew, giving him the task of creating nine universes or worlds:

One for Taiowa, one for him and another 7 worlds for life to come. In a cyclical concept of time, similar to Aztec mythology, these worlds would succeed cyclically.

The first three of these worlds, Tokpela, Tokpa and Kuskurza, were already inhabited and later destroyed because of the corruption and evil of men.

The UFOs of the Hopi tribe and the ant people

The Hopi believed that the end of each cycle is marked by the return of the gods, and the approach of the new world and announced by the appearance of the Blue Star Kachina, the sign of the ‘Day of Purification’, on which the old world is destroyed to start a new one.

According to the Hopi tradition, flood survivors were scattered in different places on the planet, under the direction of Masauwu, the Spirit of Death and the Master of the Fourth World.

In a Hopi petroglyph there is Masauwu as a being mounted on a “ship without wings” in the form of a dome. The similarity between the “flying shields” and what we now consider airplanes or flying saucers is disconcerting.

Be it “flying shields” or “ships without wings,” the message is clear: Hopi ancestors used these descriptions to refer to something that was capable of flying and transporting people.

The Hopi tribe believed that modern humanity currently lives in the Fourth World, called Tuwaqachi. Like the previous worlds, Tuwaqachi will also be destroyed due to the evil of men and will see the return of the gods to Earth.

The ancient astronaut theorists interpret the prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina as a reference to the return of aliens on our planet.

In addition to the apparent parallelism between the Hopi culture and the Sumerians, we can also see a connection between the Hopi legends and the mythology of the Maya.

In both cultures references to the creation and destruction of the world are very similar. Both also talk about the future destruction of today’s world.

This uniformity in the cultural mythology of the two cultures has led several researchers to say that the Hopi and the Maya are ancestrally related.

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