Formatierras: The cosmic gardeners who created our humans

Millions of years ago, the Formatierras, the most evolved race in the galaxy, decided that the Earth was appropriate to carry out a galactic-level multi-species reserve experiment, like a cosmic Noah’s ark.


Thus begins this exciting story. The conclusions will be only yours. Let’s continue .. The planet was prepared and began to “sow” a multitude of plant and animal species from different parts of the galaxy.

Within the format of the formatierras was the creation of an original and dominant species, built with the genetics of at least three extraterrestrial races, plus the one corresponding to the predominant planet.

After many tests and studies it was decided that the root species from where they would take the primary chromosomes for the new species, was that of the great saurians that inhabited the Earth and that perfectly adapted to the planet and its purposes.

The person in charge of the creation of the new species destined to evolve as human on the planet was Wotan (take it as a representative subject), creating the original Manu from the genetics of the reptiles that inhabited it.

A long time later, Enki and Enlil arrive and create the Lhulu from the Manu for their particular purposes. Then the Lhulu breeds with the Manu and the Lhumanu is born.

Thousands of years later Baphomet (take as representative subject), representative of one of the races whose genetics was used to reinforce the root chromosomes in the creation of Manu, enters the scene by signing the pact with Moses.

This breed is the Alpha Draconis Reptilians. Then we have Wotan and the Nordics in charge of the creation of Manu, and whose genetics were used for it.

On the other hand Baphomet and the Reptilians, whose genetics were also one of the other two used together with that of the formatierras, and in the middle of the Annunakis, Enki and Enlil who returned to manipulate the original Manu to create the Lhulu, and then , as they crossed each other, they began a new race, the Lhumanu.

Therefore we have four races as possible claimants of our possession, the Formatierras, the Nordics, the Reptilians and the Annunakis. What is the value of Lhumanu as a unit of Carbon? His multi-species genetics.

The inactive genes of our DNA, (the considered genetic garbage), are those corresponding to the species that were used for its creation, and the active ones are the consequence of that extraterrestrial amalgam, we Pasú.

We have the certainty of this story, but we have no proof. Only time will confirm or discard it. Let us now see what Wotan and Baphomet represent in subjective reality.

These real and almost mythological Beings, object of adoration and pleitesia, more than specific subjects they represent, energies, civilizations, ideas, paradigms and archetypes, alternative realities and universes of subjective reality.

It is as if we were talking about Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, Nazism and capitalism, the people and the crown, freedom and oppression, the extremes of the same body.

Wotan represents the root of civilization, the primitive and pagan, the primary knowledge of humanity, the hyperborean, the closest to the origin.

Baphomet represents change or evolution, the modern and Christian, the insubstantial knowledge of society, the southern, the furthest from the origin.

Primitive man pure, innocent and wise against the present man corrupted, sinful and ignorant. Both one and the other are still two sides of the same coin, the thirsty masters of power behind ideas.

One sharing knowledge in exchange for idolatry, order and indoctrination, the other hiding knowledge in exchange for manipulation, chaos, pleasures and fortune. Lights and shadows of the same body, the matter of the 4 × 4 matrix space.

Which would you choose if you had no other option? Undoubtedly to Wotan. How do we understand Wotan and Baphomet from the point of view of energies?

For that we have to withdraw to the previous article, to the substrate “e”, the mother space not yet defined by a matrix, where the lights and shadows move before being manifested in the matter.

As we said, nothing happens without it having happened before in mental MS and etheric MS.

The primordial Merkaba de vaet (0-) is the mother cell of matter and energy, whose charge is neutral, not by equilibrium, but by absence of polarity, that is, it is the only thing in this reality that is not composed of positive charges and negatives themselves.

Although its vaet (temporal space angular vector) is (0-), zero vaet (without orientation) and negative in space (lack thereof), it only takes shape and load when they come together, giving space and time according to matter and energy.

Since everything is energy, and matter is condensed energy vibrating at a very low frequency, we could also assume that all energy is matter vibrating at a very high frequency. Therefore we can postulate that everything is matter.

Following this reasoning, mental MS and etheric MS are as material as this 4 × 4 MS, only outside the range perceptible by our senses.

As we need more subtle energies to subsist, such as those produced in our body by food, by the air we breathe, by the sun that warms us, by the emotions and feelings that rejoice us, the lights and shadows also need energies more subtle, obtained, in this case, from the passions of the pendulum ends.

A football game releases as much energy from its fans and fans as from a concentration camp in World War II. It does not matter the circumstance or the act but what is obtained by it.

How do you think a cow feels in the slaughterhouse, or a bull in the sand? Who consumes that energy produced by stress and released by the animal?

Yes, he succeeded, you in the etheric plane. Why? Because you can’t eat a steak or a hamburger the way you eat it in the Matrix Space 4 × 4.

As you will see, everything is relative to the matrix space that you inhabit, be aware of it or not.

Every time a ritual is done in the name of Baphomet, either directly or implicitly, the energy released by the participants is consumed directly by it, it is their private banquet.

A Catholic mass, a Masonic course, a prayer chain where an image is asked or prayed, etc., etc., etc., are private agapes for the lights and shadows of this game.

Wotan feeds on positively charged energies, and Baphomet on negatively charged energies, who defines the charge? Our selves on duty.

For example, in a Catholic mass positive and negative energies are released depending on what conscious or unconscious thinking we have at the time of the ceremony.

Fulanita asks for Menganito’s health, positive energy. Menganito apologizes for what he did to Zutanito, positive and negative energy.

Zutanito went to Mass by obligation, negative energy. In a single ceremony he fed the lights and shadows unconsciously, and the sponsor consciously because he is the representative and intermediary between the producer and the consumer.

But as the demand for food is great, because the armies are also great, it is only necessary to possess the selves so that they commit the acts of thoughts, words and deeds that release the energy demanded by both Wotan and Baphomet.

Meanwhile, we are drained as piles, and we cannot retain enough energy to nourish our Being and that it manifests freely and fully.

If we free ourselves from the lights and shadows, all the energy will remain in us and the path to liberation will be much faster and easier.

We cannot get Wotan and Baphomet out of this reality, but we can get them out of our interior. The million dollar question is why does the Do allow them to feed on us?

And the answer is very simple, because we allow it for what is stated in the article “letter from an initiate.”

We decided to fulfill that role in the game of creation, we decided to continue being lambs and food, so that the pendulum continues to move.

Only a few really want to change roles, stop being lambs and become wolves, attentive and owners of their energy and food.

Meanwhile Wotan and Baphomet continue to dispute the Lhumanu, not only for the food it generates, but for being a holder of an alien genetic bank rarely seen and something they want since our creation, something so precious to them that they sacrificed their own evolution for to get it.

Today, Wotan and Baphomet are no longer strangers and cannot hide so easily within you, because they have known your face and will recognize you when they take hold.

The only difference between Adolf Hitler and you is that he was aware of who he fed and who he wanted to feed.

Since he could not free a whole race of light and shadow, he could, however, try to give him the best choice within the limited duality.

Sean Ser and they will get Wotan and Baphomet to throw them out of their mouths because they will no longer serve as food, they will be able to free themselves in particular, and perhaps tomorrow, the Human race will only feed the Human because they will be vaet (0-) the mana of the Do that feeds to the crystallized Being that lives within the Virya.

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