They find a Great Sphinx on Mars, a new evidence that there was intelligent life on the red planet?

In recent years, we have learned a lot about Mars. In fact, early research on the red planet, such as its atmosphere, water, ice, oxygen and other details have proved completely wrong, since researchers have discovered that Mars was a planet similar to Earth, with respirable oxygen. Scientists also discovered evidence of liquid water on the Martian surface in smaller quantities compared to the amount of water present billions of years ago.(Great Sphinx on Mars)

All these data show that Mars was anything but an arid and dead planet. In any case, millions of years ago, the red planet Mars could have been perfectly Earth 2.0, or possibly much better. Apart from scientific research, experts in space anomalies have been discovering strange objects for years that could be the definitive proof of the existence of an advanced Martian civilization. Like an image sent by NASA’s Curiosity rover, which shows a supposed Martian Sphinx that could measure more than 60 meters in height, much larger than the Great Sphinx of Giza, which measures 20 meters.(Great Sphinx on Mars)

The Great Sphinx of Mars

Joe White, a self-proclaimed space journalist, claims to have found a giant statue similar to the Great Sphinx of Giza on the Martian surface. The 45-year-old English journalist posted his find on his YouTube channel “ArtAlienTV,” where a video shows a strange rock formation that looks like an ancient Egyptian Sphinx (you can see the original image here ).

Great Sphinx on Mars - You find a Great Sphinx on Mars, a new evidence that there was intelligent life on the red planet?

The discovery of White has provoked all type of reactions in the social networks and many internauts assure that it is a new evidence that in Mars there was or is an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization. Even conspiracy theorists allege that the humans who inhabited the red planet came to Earth after a nuclear war destroyed Mars .

“If we look closely at the images with the 5 different viewing angles we find a giant Sphinx on Mars,” explains White in his video. “It has been photographed for several years by NASA’s Curiosity rover, and this Martian Sphinx could measure more than 60 meters in height. It could even be higher than the Great Sphinx of Giza, which is 20 meters tall. Is this irrefutable proof that in the past there was a civilization on Mars? “

The Great Sphinx of Giza is considered one of the most important archaeological remains of ancient Egypt, and it is believed that it was built during the reign of Pharaoh Khafre between 2,558 and 2,532 BC. So, is there any kind of relationship between the ancient Egyptian civilization and the supposed ruins discovered on the surface of the red planet? More and more are claiming that there is some kind of connection between the pyramids of Mars and Giza , especially after the US space agency began publishing controversial images sent from the red planet that seem to show mysterious objects.(Great Sphinx on Mars)

Controversy in social networks 

This is not the first time that the British journalist Joe White claims to have discovered an anomaly in images of Mars sent by the Curiosity rover. Last month, White posted on his YouTube channel a photo that corresponded to the interior of the Gale crater, where the NASA rover has been photographing the Martian landscape for six years. The image in question revealed the head of a statue of a warrior woman , also very similar to the ancient Egyptian terrestrial statues.(Great Sphinx on Mars)

Great Sphinx Mars Life - Find a Great Sphinx on Mars, a new evidence that there was intelligent life on the red planet?

And although there are many who argue that all these evidences show that there was intelligent life on Mars, both skeptics and scientists say that all these findings are actually the result of pareidolia , a peculiar capacity of the human mind to form a recognizable pattern or image in unknown objects. In addition, they accuse Joe White of being a false journalist who only spreads false information about the real scientific discoveries about the red planet.(Great Sphinx on Mars)

Although it must also be said that among scientists there is someone who dares to accuse NASA publicly to NASA of concealing the existence of extraterrestrial life on Mars . As we already published in the Esoteric and Paranormal Worlds, Barry DiGregorio , an astrobiologist and honorary researcher from Buckingham University, revealed a surprising report of how NASA is covering up the truth about the red planet. Professor DiGregorio said the US space agency is hiding the discovery until after the manned mission in 2030, when astronauts explore Mars. Until then we can only comment on all these images.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion about the Martian Sphinx. Do you think it’s a new evidence that there was intelligent life on Mars?

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