Voronezh UFO Incident: When Aliens Landed In The Soviet Union

Back In 1989, in several cities of Russia such as Cherepovetsk, Voronezh, Vologda, sightings of UFOs in different shapes and sizes were reported, interestingly, people also claimed to have seen strange aliens coming out of the spaceships too.
The sightings began on April 24, 1989, when a man named Ivan Vesalova, living in Cherepovetsk reported a strange and enormous craft hovering a thousand feet above the ground.

On 6 June 1989, a group of young children in Konantsevo allegedly observed a strange craft landed in a meadow and a headless person jumped out of the craft.
Then, again on 11 June 1989, a woman in Vologda reported a fiery sphere crossing the sky, and stated that the craft was visible for 17 minutes.

The sighting that was witnessed by approximately 500 people took place in September 1989.
An unidentified craft was spotted hovering over the neighborhood.
Another craft was spotted flying over the nuclear power plant and the craft emitted some kind of rays that even burnt the ground.

Voronezh UFO Incident

The Voronezh UFO Incident

However, all the sightings stated above took place before the Voronezh Landings.
In September 1989, hundreds of citizens living in Voronezh observed an unidentified flying object landing in a park.
The witnesses of the incident asserted that the giant and mysterious visitors had three eyes.
Both their craft and their uniforms had a symbol ‘X’ on them.

On a pleasant afternoon of 27 September 1989, a group of children in Voronezh were playing football in a local park when a large red sphere, 30 feet in diameter, landed right next to them.

Voronezh UFO Incident

Upon seeing the mysterious object, a large crowd gathered around the area and suddenly a hatch opened in the craft and two strange creatures stepped out from the craft.
One of the strange creatures was short and had a robotic appearance, whereas the other one was a gigantic humanoid (12 to 14 feet tall).
They were perhaps sightseeing as they walked freely around the town.
The alien that appeared to have “three eyes,” was wearing a silver jumpsuit, bronze-colored boots, and a round disk on his chest.

Considering the huge number of eye-witnesses, the incident stirred a huge sensation and news was on the front page all across the world.
The news agency TASS picked up the story.

Voronezh UFO Incident

According to TASS, and a report in the newspaper-

“Sovetskaya Kultura, two boys and a girl from a local school – Vasya Surin, Zhenya Blinov and Yuliya Sholokhova – were playing in a park on the warm evening of Sept. 27 when suddenly, at half-past six, they saw a pink shining in the sky and then spotted a ball of deep red color about 10 yards in diameter. A crowd gathered, and they could clearly see a hatch opening in the lower part of the ball and a humanoid in the opening.”

“The three-eyed creature, about over 10 feet tall and fashionably dressed in silvery overalls and bronze boots and with a disk on its chest, disappeared, then landed and came out for a promenade with a companion and a robot.”

“The aliens seemed to communicate with each other, producing the mysterious appearance of a shining triangle and activated the robot with a touch. Terrified, a boy began to scream, but with a stare of the alien’s shining eyes, the boy was silenced and paralyzed.”

TASS Report

They disappeared for a short period of time and then appeared again, however, this time one of the humanoid creatures had something that looked like a gun by his side, and the creature aimed it towards a 16-year-old boy promptly vanished, but reappeared.
Immediately after, the strange creatures stepped into their spaceship and then flew back.

Voronezh UFO Incident

Many officials involved with the case gave their statements.
Lieutenant Sergei A. Matveyev stated that he had not actually seen the aliens, but said he saw the spaceship.

“It was certainly a body flying in the sky, moving noiselessly at a very high speed and very low altitude. I thought I must be really tired, “but I rubbed my eyes and it didn’t go away. Then I figured, in this day and age, anything is possible.

Lieutenant Sergei A. Matveyev

The director of the regional health department, Vladimir A. Moiseyev, confessed in a telephone interview that despite reports of widespread fear in the city, none of the witnesses had applied for medical help.
However, he said that they were planning to examine the children and provide medical aid to the children.
The authority did not come up with an explanation that why no medical examination was conducted even when two weeks had already been passed since the incident occurred.

Considering the shortness in security staff, no extra men were appointed for patrolling, however, Larin, duty officer at the local Interior Ministry department assured that the troops would be dispatched “if they appear again. ”

Mr. Lebedev concluded after conversations with dozens of witnesses and with experts who had examined the evidence and spoken to the children that:

 “There were about three landings of the U.F.O between Sept. 23 and Sept. 29.”

TASS correspondent, Vladimir V. Lebedev

Mr. Genrikh M. Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, asked the children present at the site to draw a picture of what they had seen and the drawings were said to be similar.
All of them drew a banana-shaped object that left behind in the sky the sign of the letter X, interestingly, the children were kept in isolation from each other during this task.

“The traces were still seen. “I could see holes of a clear shape that resembled the footprints of an elephant. ”

Mr. Lebedev 

The landing was investigated by numerous experts including medical investigators, psychologists, criminologists, and more.
It was found that other people in the area had also seen and even photographed the strange craft.
Some of the witnesses suffered weird side effects such as insomnia.
There were also reports of electromagnetic effects on their TVs and appliances.

The most interesting fact of all is that the depressions in the ground showed that the object weighed several tons.
Radiation was found in the soil, as were unusually high levels of certain elements—in particular, phosphorus.
The Voronezh UFO incident still remains one of the most famous UFO landings in Russian history, and as of yet, it is still unexplained.

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