The Real Life Men In Black: Strange Humanoids Who appear After Alien Sightings

The mysterious incident took place in 1976.
On a pleasant evening in September, the men in black visited Dr. Herbert Hopkins, a respected physician, and UFO investigator.
Back then, Dr. Hopkins was dealing with a strange UFO case in the nearby town of Norway, Maine.
The case involved two workers who spotted a strange flying object and tried to approach it, as they reach close to the unidentified craft, they were engulfed by a blinding white light and they passed out.

When both the workers came to their senses, they found themselves a mile further down the road and realized that they had been lying there for hours and could not recall anything that happened.

Being a trained hypnotist, he examined one of the workers and was fascinated by the accounts provided by the worker of the missing time.
Hopkins felt that he was on the edge of a breakthrough in understanding the phenomenon of Alien abductions.

Interestingly, the very same evening, Hopkins was alone in his home, with his wife and children gone for the night.
He received a call from a man claiming to be the Vice-president of the New Jersey UFO Research Organization.
The man asked if he could speak to Hopkins in person about the case. 
Believing him, Dr. Hopkins agreed and gave him the instructions to reach his house.

Once the call was disconnected, Hopkins stepped out of his home to turn on an outside light, he spotted a strange man walking towards his house.
It could not have possibly been the man who had called him earlier and yet, who else could it have been?
Hopkins tried to spot a car or some other vehicle that might have belonged to the stranger, but he couldn’t not.

Dr. Hopkins was taken aback when he saw the stranger approaching his house.
The man really had a strange appearance.
He was dressed in a dark black suit that was neatly pressed, in fact, it seemed that the suit had never been worn before.
The man in black also wore a black Homburg hat.
When he removed the hat, he revealed a chalk-white face with no hair of any kind, including eyebrows. His lips were bright red as if the man had applied lipstick on them.
The man had a strange inflected voice with perfect diction.

Men In Black

Surprisingly, Dr. Hopkins and the man in black discussed the details of the Norway UFO case in a normal manner.
Dr. Hopkins recalled many of the strange aspects of his mysterious visitor.

When the discussion about the Norway case was about to be over, his tone turned menacing.
The man in black gave Dr. Hopkins a strange metal coin and asked him to watch it carefully.
Hopkins could not recognize the coin, and suddenly the coin began to blur and then completely disappeared completely before the Hopkin’s eyes.

“Neither you nor anyone else on this planet will ever see that coin again. We can do the same to your heart.”

The Strange man

The man in black directed Hopkins to stop his research on the Norway case and to destroy all his records of the case.
Dr. Hopkins then observed that the man’s speech was starting to slow, like tape at half speed.
The man told him that he was running low on battery and that he must leave.
The man staggered out of the house like he was drunk, towards a bright blue light.
Hopkins assumed it might have been some kind of vehicle, but saw nothing and the man in black disappeared.

Dr. Hopkins was so demoralized by the incident that when his wife and children reached home, they found him sitting on a couch with a gun in his hand.
His family looked for the track of tires or any other evidence of the strange visitor but could not find anything.
However, Hopkins ceased his work with Stephens and Grey and burned the tapes he had made of his hypnotic sessions with the workers.
The Men In Black had struck again!

Who are the Men in Black?

Who are these strange, creepy men in black?
These men have appeared so much that they have become as popular as aliens and UFOs.
In fact, the legend of Men in Black goes beyond UFOs and our time itself, stretching centuries into the past and into the deepest reaches of the human mind.

Dr. Hopkins is the most reliable of those who were ever visited by the man in black.
He was a respected man in his field and very well knew that what questions could be raised after the incident.
It seems pretty improbable that he would make up such a story himself.
However, Hopkins was by no means the only UFO or paranormal researcher to encounter these menacing, semi-comical characters.

Men in black are identified along with the UFO phenomenon and they are often seen as the agents of some sort of unknown force trying to silence witnesses of paranormal events.
A fair amount of variation has been described in their appearance and their behaviour, however, they all have one thing in common that they do not want witnesses and researchers to share their information.

Some Men in Black are said to be real humans working for unknown agencies or forces, whereas some are described as someone extraterrestrial.
Most of them are believed to be men, women are rarely seen.
The man in black who confronted Dr. Hopkins looked like an undertaker.

Men In Black

They seem foreign yet nobody could find their country.
Their speech is also foreign, but the accent is difficult to pick up.
Many of them talk with great precision as if they learned English out of a dictionary.
The men in Black exhibit unusual knowledge of the personal lives and background of the people they contact.

Many professional UFO investigator have encountered the men in black, including the members of the military.
The U.S. Air Force took them seriously enough for Col. George P. Freeman to tell paranormal investigator John Keel this bit of information:

“Mysterious men sometimes dressed in Air Force Uniforms or bearing impressive credentials from government agencies have been silencing UFO witnesses. We have checked a number of these cases and the men are not connected with the Air Force in any way. We have not been able to find out anything further about these men…”

Other encounters with these strange men

There is one case that involved two different sets of Men in Black interacting who got in touch with the same victim.
This incident took place in 1967 and the target was Robert Richardson of Toledo, a member of the respected Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) who had a mysterious UFO encounter himself.

One night, Richardson was driving and at the bent of a road he found a strange-looking object but could not avoid hitting it.
Interestingly, he had hit a UFO with his car.
As he hit the object, the UFO disappeared without a sound or an impact.
Richardson stepped out of his car looking for an evidence and found a small lump of what looked like melted metal, which he kept as possible evidence. 
He told about this incident only to his wife and a couple of close APRO associates.

Three days later, two young men driving a black 1953 Cadillac visited Richardson.
However, they seemed normal and did not ask for anything.
Richardson noted the license number on the Cadillac and discovered that there was no car registered on the said number.

Strange things began to take place after a week, when Richardson received threatening visitors who resembled the classic Men In Black: two men dressed entirely in black with dark complexions and a vaguely “foreign” look.
One of the man spoke precise unaccented English, whereas his compatriot had an accent that Richardson could not identify.

Both the men tried to convince him that what he saw was nothing more than a hallucination but Richardson stuck to his story.
Men in Black asked him to hand them over the piece of metal to which Richardson stated that he had given the alleged piece of metal to APRO for study.
The conversation turned threatening as one of the men said that “If you want your wife to stay as pretty as she is, you’d better give that metal back.”

Richardson was discouraged but did not give up the metal and told others about this experience.
Interesting thing about the second visit is that, only a few people knew that Richardson had kept the metal from the UFO accident.
Unless one of men in Black tapped into Richardson’s phone, there was no way they could have known about it.
It is clear that his first visitors were normal humans, the only strange thing about them is that their car could not be traced.
The second visitors seemed more ominous but once Richardson decided to tell people about it.
The men in black did not bother them again.

In another case, John Keel, encountered Men In Black while investigating the Mothman case.
John feels that UFOs, Men In Black, ghosts and all sorts of paranormal phenomena are all linked to some extradimensional force.
He believes that Men in Black do not come from outer space and they have always been here on Earth, alongside mankind, working on their mysterious projects and helping to keep humans in the dark.

“The mysterious Men in Black and the entire collection of their thugs, henchmen, and highly trained intelligence officers, are a big part of the complex UFO phenomena which is in turn part of another big and complex phenomenon. It is known that projects by them are now underway for the complete control of…political, religious and scientific institutions. They–the MIB–have a very long background and history that stretches back for centuries…

Tony Kimery, an American paranormal investigator

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