Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect: Where did the black tip on Pikachu’s tail disappear to?

Pikachu is one of the main characters of the most popular Japanese cartoon and video games called the “Pokemon”. Several years ago, Pikachu became famous for the fact that one of the most talked-about Mandela effects was associated with him.
Recall that the Mandela Effect is called collective “false” memories when many people claim that something was not what it is now. Most people who believe in the existence of the Mandela Effect believe that memories have changed due to the fact that part of their reality has been changed.

As for Pikachu, a huge number of people believe that the tip of his tail was black, although, in all known official images, Pikachu’s tail is the same color as his body – yellow, and only slightly brownish at the base. 

Mandela Effect

This is stated by both ordinary people who are not addicted to video games and cartoons, as well as avid Pokemon fans who have played games with Pikachu and watched episodes with him for many years.
On the Internet, you can find various graphs of how the image of Pikachu has changed over the decades, but even there his tail is yellow everywhere, without a black tip.

Mandela Effect

Like most Pokémon, Pikachu has different forms (generations) and one form (Pichu) has a tail that is not yellow, but completely black. However, this is difficult to explain the black-tailed Pikachu Mandela effect.

Mandela Effect

One popular suggested answer to this confusion is a visual illusion based on the fact that Pikachu has black ear tips and some may have transferred this to the tail as well. 
Another possible explanation is the five female Pikachu, whose tail ends are black and heart-shaped. These characters are fairly new to the franchise and first, appeared in the 2014 Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. However, it is stated that the memories of the black-tailed Pikachu were there even before the appearance of these new Pikachus.

Mandela Effect

In general, while there is no confident logical explanation for this Mandela effect, and in the meantime, posts that one or another netizen confidently remembers that Pikachu had a black tip of his tail continue to appear regularly, collecting many comments from those who also remember it

Mandela Effect

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