UFO Videos Are Cover-Ups Of Something More Sinister, Says Ex Aerospace Engineer

UFO Videos Are Cover-Ups Of Something More Sinister, Says Ex Aerospace Engineer

With each passing day and more and more UFO videos being circulated, the curiosity among the people is on the rise. However, without a confirmed and credible explanation behind these sightings, all we can do is ponder over them. Interestingly, a former aerospace engineer who also happens to be a paranormal author calls himself a “card-carrying member of the Military/Industrial complex” and possesses an extremely different opinion with regard to the UFO sightings. He believes that UFO videos are cover-ups of something more sinister.

Mike Bara
Mike Bara

Mike Bara asserts that the Gimbal, Tic-Tac, and Go Fast videos depict something scarier than aliens. These UFO videos are cover-ups of a false flag operation to convince the public of an alien invasion. This statement has caused apprehension among many individuals.

“There’s nothing exceptional about anything on any of these videos.”

During an interview with The Sun, Mike Bara stated several reasons why the government videos depicting mysterious UFOs are not mysterious at all. Bara’s many books include “Ancient Aliens on the Moon,” “Ancient Aliens on Mars,” “Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies,” and “Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA,” co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland.

Moreover, he has also appeared numerous times on paranormal radio and television programs. He has more than 25 years of experience as an engineering designer and consultant for major aerospace companies, which actually supports his claim on identifying unusual aircraft and indeed put him in authority.

“For example there’s the Tic Tac video when they say ‘Oh look it shoots off the screen at rapid speed’ – that’s not what happens. There’s a little instrument indication there on the display that’s the zoom factor and what happens it says it’s zooming from one, which is the normal focal length of the lens, to zoom factor two. So what happens is they zoom up and it zooms up passed the object and it disappears off the side of the screen. The object doesn’t move at all and that’s very obvious to anyone who knows what they are looking at, but they are passing this off as ‘oh the object shoots off the screen’ and then they cut off immediately.”

The intriguing interview begins with the intriguing with a Tic Tac video from the 2004 USS Nimitz incident. Since it happened in 2004 (but was not revealed until 2017), both the Navy and the Tic Tac UFO’s technology is nearly 20 years old.

However, it appears that Mike Bara has recognized a glaring error in the explanation of this video; the UFO did not fly out of the camera’s field of view but rather vanished off the side because the operator zoomed in, thereby reducing the area shown. Bara questions how so-called “experts” could have possibly missed it.

“Immediately watching that I’m detecting an air of deception about these videos. They’ve been sanctioned – in essence – by the Pentagon which means the military wants you to think these might be alien spacecraft. My question is, ‘Why would they want that?’ “

Ancient Aliens on the Moon (UFO Videos Are Cover-Ups)
Ancient Aliens on the Moon

Bara further discussed the so-called “GOFAST” youtube clip of the 2014–2015 occurrences on the east coast of the United States involving pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group. He notes that the confrontations took place at altitudes lower than 25,000 feet, that the UAPs traveled in straight lines, and that they all actually happened at subsonic speeds. Well, if the aliens possess such advanced technology, this act was definitely not at all appealing.

“And in the Gimbal videos that thing looks like a drone combat aircraft being texted and you’re simply looking down on the wings as this F-18 is tracking it. Why is this narrative that these may be alien spacecraft being pushed?”

Next, Mike Bara talked about the manner of conversation between the pilots which was extremely casual and full of slang.

“Also you hear these pilots going ‘Woah, dude look at that!’ I’ve known fighter pilots, they don’t talk that. You don’t talk like that in a combat situation, everything is very much by the book.”

This conversation may have been planned in advance for civilian ears. Bara begins to connect the dots. All of this talk about UFOs and possibly hostile aliens may be a diversion intended to conceal something else. It should not come as a surprise that the army uses lies and misinformation in warfare; many victories in World War II were predicated on the Axis powers believing false narratives, and questions were raised over the false narratives.

It was claimed by many that the U.S. government used to vindicate wars in the Persian Gulf regions. Bara describes what he believes is being concealed by Tic-Tacs.

“And the answer I keep coming back to is they are preparing for something new.”

Bara identifies himself as a “Born Again conspiracy theorist,” so his proposal should not be a surprise in an era where conspiracy theories are used to drive political agendas. First, he mentions Project Blue Beam, the purported scheme to use holographic projections to frighten the general public into a state of fear that renders them susceptible to manipulation.

A real UFO to be believed by many. (UFO Videos Are Cover-Ups)
A real UFO to be believed by many.

Then, he further spoke about Tic Tac; after all, he has already mentioned that many government officials promote the potentiality of alien spacecraft and were disheartened when the most recent Pentagon presentation to Congress did not include the possibility or the data that seems to indicate it.

“It would be like ‘Oh gosh we’re being invaded by aliens, everybody stay at home, we’ll take care of you and we’ll fight the aliens. That could give people who want a globalist government – a new world order – the perfect excuse to lock everyone down and take control of the streets.”

Mike Bara also emphasized the fact that the phenomenon of alien invasion has been brought into the picture by the government. Mike Bara connects the dots between Tic-Tac and Roswell in a recent interview, reiterating what many refuse to acknowledge but already know.

“Seventy-five years they’ve been lying to us. What makes you think that because it’s on ’60 Minutes’ they’re not lying to you now?”

Do you also believe that the UFO videos are cover-ups of a false flag operation? What are your views in this regard? Let us know in the comment section.

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