British Ufologist Russ Kellet Claims He Is Fighting An Intergalactic War Against Reptilian Aliens

British Ufologist Russ Kellet Claims He Is Fighting An Intergalactic War Against Reptilian Aliens

There have been several instances wherein people who have claimed to have had extraterrestrial encounters assert that the aliens end up sharing advanced technological knowledge with them. However, certain instances have also been witnessed wherein the abductees had sustained injuries during the experiments conducted by the extraterrestrials.

Interestingly, Russ Kellett’s story is mind-blowing and to be honest, quite hard to believe. The astonishing part is that Mr. Kellet claims himself to be a super-soldier in an intergalactic war and has been abducted at least sixty times by the extraterrestrials.

Reptilian alien
Reptilian alien

The thrilling revelation made by Mr. Russ Kellett further included that he has been fighting on the behalf of 15-foot aliens against the reptilians since he was 28. A native of Yorkshire, Russ Kellett who is around 58 years old has been a UFO investigator for the past two decades.

He has been on a variety of television programs and discussion shows. He has been examining the infamous UFO sighting in the Berwyn Mountains for nearly thirty years. Additionally, he has also endeavored to maintain a high level of scientific detachment in his examination of UFOs and related phenomena, and he employs the assistance of numerous experts in a variety of subjects.

Mr. Kellett, who had an industrial apparel business in the Carlisle Business area in Manningham, quit his job and became a full-time UFO researcher as a result of a number of odd occurrences.

Kellet And Alien Encounters

“The first time was when I was 16 when I was traveling home on my motorbike. I went through a tunnel that I’d never seen before, and the next thing I knew, I was in what looked like a dentist surgery, with 15ft tall alien men, that look very much like Dracula without the sharp teeth, surrounding me. I had some sort of tube pushed down my throat, and whatever liquid they pumped into me, it turned me into one of their super soldiers.”


According to Mr. Kellett, he has been a member of an alien army that has been battling against a race known as “Dragos,” who are tall, scaly, and have dragon-like heads. He described the location of his abduction as a chamber covered with squares, similar to a chessboard. Furthermore, he has participated in conflicts against extraterrestrial beings in the United Kingdom, Europe, and South America.

Reportedly, he and his alien companions use a glass ball positioned in the center of a room to travel through space and time. He also addressed the physical changes he has been subjected to, he feels his body has developed chronic fatigue syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of space battles.

“I’ve been gone for years and people don’t realize, as four hours here is four years on one of the planets I’ve been to.”

Drawings of the aliens whom Russ Kellet has met.
Drawings of the aliens whom Russ Kellet has met.

Clearly, he does not recall battling, allegedly aliens consistently erase his memory. He added that he hard to recall the names of the many E.T. races, but made illustrations to describe their appearance. Mr. Kellett recalls being transported to the hospital with a brain tumor despite the fact that he remembers very little.

“But there was nothing wrong with me. I just remember leaving the hospital and forgetting certain things, like the names of the races and where it was that I’d traveled to.”

It has been stated by Russ Kellet that he has been researching rigorously on a number of cases, and he also possesses access to a number of various official logs.

UFO Investigation And Research Conducted By Russ Kellet

Nearly thirty years ago, the infamous Berwyn Mountains UFO incident generated waves of curiosity, and Mr. Kellett has been the foremost UFO researcher with regard to this case. This 1974 incident has been dubbed Ros-Welsh or the Welsh Roswell.

Mr. Kellett and fellow UK UFO journalist Steven Lumley discussed the astonishing 1974 encounter between UFOs and the Royal Navy on Dave Schrader’s radio program. They descriptively discussed the ambush by RAF fighter jets, how the dozens of Army personnel helped to cover up the proof of a crashed UFO and what actually occurred to the extraterrestrials who were recovered from the crash site.

Even though this crash is commonly associated with the Berwyn Mountains in Wales, Lumley described how the incident indeed began in the Irish Sea with a “flotilla of Royal Navy ships navigating their way down from Scotland” in the apparent endeavor of something beneath the water’s surface. According to him, the ships were releasing photoflash bombs to highlight whatever they were pursuing.

Mr. Kellett further shed light on how the British aircraft were also circling overhead and directing vessels on where to release additional flash bombs. “What they were doing was backing these submerged objects into a corner and surrounding them,” he hypothesized, adding that the UFOs’ only flee would be “out of the water.”

Consequently, three UFOs emerged from the water in an attempt to flee the scene. Mr. Kellett believes that one of the three UFOs hid in a lake and another ended up crashing into the Berwyn Mountains due to a possible encounter with a Royal Air Force fighter jet. Lumley disclosed that numerous local residents had called the police to report a huge explosion and the sighting of an unknown object in the mountains.

Another sketch by Russ Kellet
Another sketch by Russ Kellet

It was further stated by Kellett that around five men witnessed the third UFO landing on the side of the road in a nearby town. The onlookers claimed that the craft was carrying five entities and the two of them were in despair. Soon, all the five witnesses were surrounded by the British Military Forces, and the army ordered them to leave the site immediately.

Prior to fleeing the scene, the witnesses observed extraterrestrials being escorted into an unknown destination-bound vehicle and a soldier entering the UFO. Kellett was amazed as other soldiers maneuvered the floatation device onto a flatbed truck. Based on the ease and accuracy with which they accomplished this task, he presumed that this was not their first time recovering a crashed flying saucer.

Well, this is indeed an interesting tale, what is your take on such a huge revelation? Could it be real?

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