Xelhua: The Giant Who Built The World’s Largest Pyramid In Cholula, Mexico

Xelhua, a giant from the times of the universal flood according to Aztec culture, was allegedly responsible for building the largest pyramid on the face of the Earth.

Xelhua: The Giant Who Built The World's Largest Pyramid In Cholula, Mexico

The Great Pyramid of Cholula or Tlachihualtépetl (from the Nahuatl ‘hill made by hand’), is located seven kilometers west of Puebla de Zaragoza, capital of the Mexican state of Puebla.
It is the largest archaeological site of a pyramid(temple) to exist in today’s world.
The Pyramid is so large that it can go unnoticed, especially due to the fact that it is buried under centuries of vegetation that grew on it.

When Cortés and his men arrived in Cholula in October 1519, some 1,800 years after the pyramid was constructed, they massacred around  3,000 people in a single hour that is the10 percent of the entire city’s population and leveled many of their religious structures.

The Spanish conquerors settled in the said area and erected their colonial buildings and churches everywhere, however, when it came to Cholula, the Spanish conquerors failed to realize that there was a temple.
The Spanish conquerors thought that it was just a hill and on the top of which they decided to build a church dedicated to the Virgen de los Remedios.
The confusion of the Europeans saved the pyramid from destruction.

History Of the Largest Pyramid In Cholula Built By Xelhua

In 1881, a Swiss archaeologist named Adolph Bandelier, through the Lorillard expedition under the supervision of Désiré Charnay, a photographer and archaeologist of pre-Columbian civilizations in Mexico, studied the hidden settlement created by the Mesoamerican civilizations.

Xelhua: The Giant Who Built The World's Largest Pyramid In Cholula, Mexico

Ever since then, the measurements obtained with the passage of investigations in the area have been impressive due to their magnitude. 
Although the structure underlying this “mountain” does not reach the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza which is originally 146 meters, however, it certainly exceeds it in volume. 
Tlachihualtépetl is about 65 meters high and measures 450 by 450 meters that are almost twice the Great Pyramid in Egypt, resulting in a total volume of 4,500,000 m³.

Hence, the Great Pyramid of Cholula has a base that is four times larger and nearly twice the volume than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

According to experts, such megalomaniac work was the product of seven superimposed pyramids, each of which covered the entirety of the previous pyramid. 
This motivated the gradual enlargement of the base, resulting in the vast measures that we observe today and that earned it the title of the largest pyramid in the world, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Model of the hidden pyramid and its levels. 
A complex network of underground tunnels has also been detected that would run up to 8 kilometers from the structure.

Interestingly, out of the seven levels, archaeologists have only managed to study three.
Major reason behind this is that the Catholic temple at the top has been declared a historical heritage of the Mexican nations.

Xelhua The Giant

As with the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, there are also no records that describe when and how the Great Pyramid of Cholula was erected.
Archaeologists and researchers have only managed to sketch estimates so far, placing its construction around 300 BC.

However, within the myths about the foundation of the millenary and theocratic Cholula, the architectural wonder is attributed to a giant named Xelhua, who saved himself from the universal flood by taking refuge in the caves of the mountain of Tláloc (God of the rain).
Then, Xelhua directed his steps towards the Cholula Valley, where he ordered the men to raise a pyramid in commemoration.

Xelhua: The Giant Who Built The World's Largest Pyramid In Cholula, Mexico
Codex of the foundation of Tollan Cholollan.

According to the writings of Dominican monks who visited the place in 1566, the legend says the following:

At the time of the flood the giants lived on the earth, many perished submerged in the waters, some were turned into fish and only seven brothers were saved in the caves of the Tlaloc mountain

Xelhua, the giant went to the site that was later called Cholollan and with large adobes made in Tlalmanalco, a very distant site, and ordered men to build the pyramid in memory of the mountain where he was saved.

Irritated Tonacatecutli, the father of all the Gods, was threatened by the erection to reach the clouds, launched the celestial fire, and with a great stone in the shape of a toad killed many of the builders dispersing the others. The work was thus discontinued and the monument was later dedicated to Quetzalcóatl 

Who was Xelhua really? 
Perhaps, he was a survivor of the mythical Atlantis that escaped to the American continent? 
One of the last sages to bequeath the culture of the pyramids to our current civilization? 
It could be possible that structures like that of Cholula and others scattered around the world are ancestral testimony of humanity of “giants” that preceded us?
As it is believed that once upon a time, Giants did walk on Earth.

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