US Army signs alliance with TTSA organization that revealed three authentic UFO videos

US Army signs alliance with TTSA shortly after this organization admitted that it has in its hands “metamaterials”  belonging to crashed alien ships.

picture of an UFO US Army signs alliance with TTSA

The To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) has reached an agreement with the US Army. to develop the capabilities of its land vehicles with the aim of “improving survival and efficiency”, as read in a statement published yesterday on its website.

This company, which revealed the famous videos where you can see how Navy pilots are pursuing UFOs, ensures that their technologies “take advantage of advances in materials science, space-time metric engineering, quantum physics, the propulsion of energy with beams and active camouflage ».

In addition, TTSA will share its findings with the Pentagon to “characterize its technologies and applications in exchange for providing laboratories, experience, support and resources” with which it can achieve its purposes.

Who benefits?

Joseph Cannon, a member of the US Army Futures Command, indicates that this alliance would be aimed at improving the vehicles of the land military system, to which they hope to incorporate “future technical innovations.”

This partnership would allow the US Army to obtain more resistant and lighter materials “capable of better resisting enemy fire”, while TTAS would improve the speed of the drones of this military corps, notes the Popular Mechanics portal.

However, what is most striking about this agreement are its parts: who exhibited material that was not intended to be seen by the public and the army itself that until recently – and at the hand of the Pentagon – kept these close encounters with UFOs in secret.

US Army signs alliance with TTSA

The Pentagon’s secret UFO program conducted a series of investigations into “exotic futuristic technologies,” as revealed by a letter between a senator and the United States undersecretary of defense.

It should be remembered that one of the members of TTAS, Luis Elizondo, once a man of military intelligence in dissent with UFO secrecy – admitted on several occasions that he had access to exotic UFO materials – or metamaterials – that was stored somewhere in Las Vegas.(US Army signs alliance with TTSA)

Is the US army? Want to take advantage of reverse engineering applied to UFO remains? If so, it would be very suspicious that they did it so openly, without saying it officially but giving it to anyone who knows how to tie the ends. 

Although there are those who say that the best way to hide something is to make it visible to everyone

To make matters worse, this also happens shortly after the topic of Bob Lazar and Area 51 was revived, with a documentary published on Netflix and everything.

Source: RT / Popular Mechanics 

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