Varginha UFO Incident: Brazilian Military Captured “Alien Humanoids” In 1996

In January of 1996, the Mysterious “Varginha UFO incident” in Brazil which allegedly involved seizure of Alien Humanoids came into light when a humanoid creature was reportedly spotted crouching in a vacant lot.
The original investigator of the “Varginha UFO incident” was Ubirajara Rodrigues, then 42, a lawyer and university professor who had been investigating and researching UFOs since the late 1970s.

Varginha UFO Incident

Professor initiated his investigation on this particular case several days after he heard of the incident.
In February, he was joined by Vitorio Pacaccini, an export-import broker in the state capital, Belo Horizonte, 305 kilometers to the north.
Vitorio Pacaccini had been investigating the Alien phenomenon since he was a teen, he grew up in Tres Coracoes, where he still lives.

The strange incident took place in the afternoon of 20th January, 1976.
Three young women (then 14, 16 and 22 years of age) saw a strange humanoid creature as they were taking a shortcut through a vacant lot.
The sight frightened them to such an extent that they fled back to their homes as fast as they could.

As the investigation unfolded, Ubirajara came to know that the military police had captured a creature earlier in the day in woods that was merely three blocks away from the vacant lot.
Hence, it was concluded that there were two creatures involved.

Varginha UFO Incident

A witness told Professor that he saw armed soldiers in the same woods and heard three shots being fired, and then witnessed two body bags being loaded onto an army truck.

The very same day, around 6 in evening, another creature was captured in the same area.
Probably the one who was spotted by the three young woman.
In April, a woman saw another strange creature at the Varginha zoo.
In May, another creature was spotted near a highway in east of Varginha by a biker.

In late 1996, another person came forward asserting that he had witnessed the Varginha UFO incident in early January.

In 1997, one of the young woman who spotted the humanoid creature revealed that she and, her sister had been visited by four strange men who asked her to publicly deny their story, as recounted below.

The majority of the incidents took place near woods that separate the Jardim Andere and Santana districts about two kilometers east of the downtown Varginha area. 

It is believed by Ubirajara that, in November 1996, Pacaccini was confidentially informed by an unidentified Brazilian Air Force officer that NORAD had tracked one or more UFOs in the skies over Minas Gerais, heading toward the Varginha area, and notified Brazilian authorities.
A big army base was alerted at Tres Coracoes, just east of Varginha.
According to Ubirajara, the date was January 13, 1996.

According to Claudeir Covo, a ufologist from Sao Paulo, and Ubirajara on January 13, a pilot named Carlos Souza was driving north from Sao Paulo on the highway to Belo Horizonte.
About 8 in the morning, he was about five kilometers south of the Varginha-Tres Coracoes highway intersection when he heard a enigmatic sound.

Carlos stepped out of his car, and realized that the strange noise was coming from a cigar-shaped craft that had windows along the side and it was flying towards north.
He followed the UFO, it went behind the mountains and disappeared.
Carlos thought that it crashed, and desperately started looking for it.
After about 20 to 30 minutes, he found a dirt road and turned onto it.
He came over the crest of a hill and saw about 40 armed soldiers, two trucks, a helicopter, an ambulance and several cars.
He stopped and was able to pick up a piece of very light material that floated to the ground but soldiers rushed toward him and ordered him to leave immediately.

He fled away from the scene but later stopped at a restaurant, where he was confronted by two men in civilian clothes and military haircuts, who ordered him not to tell anyone about what he had seen.

He decided to tell about the Varginha UFO incident only to his wife and children.
When seven to eight months passed, he saw a magazine article in Sao Paulo by Claudeir Covo.
He got in touch with Covo, who persuaded him to return to Varginha with him and Ubirajara to show them where he had seen the wreckage.

They learned that during 13th to 20th January, 1996, the area had witnessed unusual amount of military movement.
On January 20, 1976, a couple saw  a submarine or cigar-shaped object, with smoke or vapor coming out of it, moving slowly about five meters above the ground.

“The couple may have been mistaken about the date and may actually have seen the UFO a week earlier, on January 13 instead of January 20 — the same object that Souza saw.”

Claudeir Covo

“The object was moving so slowly it took 45 minutes to pass out of sight over a ridge just a few hundred meters away.”


The next action occurred around 8 or 8:30 a.m. on January 20 when the Varginha Fire Department received a call that a wild animal had been spotted near the woods in the Jardim Andere district.

The strange creature was spotted by a family of five who were asked to leave immediately as the military arrived.
It took the firemen two hours to capture the creature, partly because it kept running away from them in the dense bushes, and partly perhaps because they were afraid of whatever it was.
Some reports claim it gave off a strong offensive odor.
The creature was handed over to the military.
Later on, a jogger spotted seven army personnel carrying automatic rifles towards the jungle and heard three gunshots and when they returned, they were spotted carrying bags.
It wouldn’t take seven armed soldiers to capture a wild animal when four firemen without weapons had captured a decidedly unusual creature in the same woods earlier in the day.

At around 6 in the evening, the weather turned rough and it started raining heavily.
During the unexpected storm, two military policemen spotted yet another creature in the Santana-Jardim Andere area not far from the woods.
The military policemen were able to capture it.
After the storm, one of the officers stopped by his mother’s house and told her that he would be working all night.

The same officer later got really sick and did not respond to the treatment and eventually died on February 15.
His family is convinced that he was involved in the capture of the second creature and reportedly sued the military police because the cause of his death was never explained and allegedly, his records show that he was not even on duty that night.

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