Alleged Video Of The Alien Creature From The Varginha UFO Incident Has Surfaced

Coinciding with a ufology congress that took place today in Brazil, a suspicious video has gone viral that showed the Alien creature from the UFO incident that occurred in Varginha in 1996… or not?

Alleged Video Of The Alien Creature From The Varginha UFO Incident Has Surfaced

The filming supposedly took place in 1996 in the city of Eloi Mendes, in Minas Gerais. It was shown to me on 01/19/2024 by a person seeking to obtain financial benefits,” said Rony Vernet, researcher and founder of UAP Brazil. «On 01/20/2024 I received a copy that I am sharing publicly due to the high probability of being false, according to my analysis and that of other experts from Brazil and abroad. “The investigation is ongoing.”

In the released video you can see a person walking through the jungle until he finds himself on the ground with a creature that corresponds to the description given by witnesses about being from Varginha.

However, the video has many red flags that, as Vernet mentions, would indicate that it is a modern fake with some VHS filters applied.

«This video artifact is observed in two different places in the video. This is impossible unless the pattern is a loop, overlaid on the recording. At the very least, this footage has a fake VHS overlay effect added to it, which raises serious doubts about its authenticity,” commented one user who reviewed the video on X.

“It can’t be real, since no man would hesitate to film a motionless object for so long without poking it with a stick. “Not chopping it is against nature!” joked another Internet user who saw the video.

Obviously, I would love for this to be true; but I have a lot of doubts, not only about the image shown here, but also about the 8-minute video,” Fox responded cautiously. Furthermore, he highlighted that, according to his own investigations, one of the signs that question the authenticity of the shared material is that, in the case of the extraterrestrial being involved in this famous Brazilian incident, “he had red eyes only when he was alive, turning black or dark at death. However, in the video released, the entity in the grassland shows its eyes still red despite appearing to be lifeless.

It must be remembered that, according to the documentary filmmaker cited here, there would be a real video of being recovered by the military in the Varginha case. Of course, this is not what they have uploaded today—which could be considered gross contamination or misinformation.

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