Prohibited! Why the Vatican Hides the True History of the World Before the Great Flood

There has been a massive cover-up by the Roman Catholic Church to keep the general public out of the knowledge that there was an advanced civilization before the great flood. The history of the world before the great flood has been concealed and overlooked by the Vatican, due to biblical ideologies and as a way to prevent the world from interacting with exotic species.


History has been overrun by powerful forces, and artifacts and academic articles attesting to this world before the great flood have been confiscated. The churches were built on pagan sites both to conquer civilizations and to cover up the remains prior to the flood.

It has spread a narrative that we were a Neanderthal species, which then evolved into our current human state. However, with firsthand evidence, it has been discovered that this is false. But why would the nucleus of the Roman Catholic church orchestrate this cover-up?

This is because this pre-deluge civilization was in fact sown by an exotic species. This species built an incredible set of monoliths and imposing artifacts, simply incomparable in the world today. These aliens sowed the first human populations to carry them to where we are today, although the flood erased much of this evidence.



If the general public knew about this earlier civilization, there would be no control over the population. In addition, the pagan sites on which many churches were built served as portals for these extraterrestrials to travel back and forth between Earth and its areas of the universe.

Some evidence of this is found both in the remains of the giants and those with other genetic deformities. These abnormalities were due to the mixing of non-human species with humans.

The Great Flood tried to erase the slate from all these abnormalities, but it did not do the job. Therefore, the Vatican had to come in with the ideologies of the Bible and try to cover up the rest of the evidence. It is truly fascinating to see some of these massive cover-ups exposed as curious investigators unearth more and more evidence of this great civilization.

Timothy Alberino, director and presenter of the documentary revealing “True Legends, The Imprudence,” says there is evidence of the Vatican’s long plot to cover up the history of the world prior to the great flood, and at the same time prepare mankind for the arrival of their Lords of Space, which will bring a different gospel.


Alberino says: “Hidden in the vaults and archives, we discover the proof, that in fact – and this is not only a kind of conspiracy theory, it is true – that the Vatican has had access to hidden artifacts, especially Related artefacts with the reality of the world before the flood of Noah that they have confiscated and concealed or concealed. ”

History has been suppressed in the largest cover-up, in the long run, and the Vatican knows all the secrets. The Vatican is constantly monitoring the skies with the LUCIFER Telescope as they secretly prepare for the arrival of their alien Masters.

They seem to be intentionally creating something that will place the Roman Catholic Church in the forefront of an extraterrestrial revelation officer.

Those who control the past control the future, and no organization on Earth has any stricter control over official history than the Roman Catholic Church.

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  1. And what do you think will happen the day after disclosure? The truth will be revealed; all humans are not created equal. Some were modified as workers to mine the gold. Monotomic gold.

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