The Vile Vortices- 12 most Paranormally Active Areas

The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas

Vile Vortices are essentially those regions present on the planet that have displayed anomalous behavior over the passage of time, and certain mysterious incidents are associated with such regions that have left researchers baffled. The Bermuda Triangle is the one name that pops up in everyone’s mind when we talk about Vile Vortices. Surprisingly, that is just not it. There are more than 10 such places on Earth where enigmatic scenarios have been witnessed. However, who discovered the concept of Vile Vortices in the first place? This is when the name Ivan T. Sanderson comes into the picture.

Who is Ivan T. Sanderson?

Ivan T. Sanderson was a biologist, author, animal lover, and ardent believer in paranormal incidents. He was one of those personalities who would go on trips and draw, write, or even take pictures of what they observed and experienced. During his early 1970s trips and research, he started to notice there were particular areas where things appeared to be strange, where people and planes seemed to vanish, and most importantly, where UFO sightings just seemed to occur. The Vile Vortices are the 12 locations with the highest paranormal activity, and he then mapped the following vortices: Bermuda Triangle, the Algerian Megaliths, the city of Mohenjo-Daro, the Hamakulia Volcano east of Hawaii, the “Devil’s Sea,” the South Atlantic Anomaly, the Wharton Basin, the Easter Island megaliths, east of Rio de Janeiro, the Loyalty Islands, the North Pole, and the South Pole.

Ivan T. Sanderson The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas
Ivan T. Sanderson

The Fascinating Division of the Vile Vortices

Interestingly, these vortices appear to be rather dispersed, as you may have noticed. This is due to the fact that half are scattered just above the equator and the other half are below the equator. Only the South and North Poles are not along these lines, making it clear that the majority of the vortices are found close to warm, tropical areas. In fact, five are located on the Tropic of Capricorn, and five others are located on the Tropic of Cancer. They are also evenly dispersed in terms of distance, which, according to researchers, suggests that chaos is logical and mathematical in nature.

The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas
Vile Vortices

Sanderson and other supernatural thinkers have a few theories about what specifically caused everything to be organized in these spots. On the one hand, people associated the locations with the presence of spiritual power or earthly feng shui, whereas the other theories focus more on electromagnetic aberration or subtle matter-energy, which is a geometric pattern concept that Plato addressed thousands of years ago. However, nothing could be stated with certainty as to why these places seem to align so well or what makes them hotspots for paranormal activity. Let’s discuss these vile vortices in detail now.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas
Location of Bermuda Triangle

There are a few famous appearances throughout the Bermuda Triangle’s lengthy and scandalous history. Fleets of surveillance planes, navy ships, torpedo bombers, the fabled Mary Celeste, and more have all encountered a mystery catastrophe in the waters near Florida’s tip. There have been reports of glowing water, spinning compasses, sporadic malfunctions, and unusual sights.

In short, there is an odd phenomenon occurring there, even if some people only attribute it to the Gulf Stream or other natural occurrences. The fact that individuals are dying here is something else we can say for sure. The Bermuda Triangle has claimed the lives of over a thousand people in the last 100 years. It is a sure thing that there is something unusual about the Bermuda Triangle, regardless of whether you think the paranormal is taking place.

Mohenjo-Daro: The Indus Valley Civilization

The ruins of a sizable and elaborate city known as Mohenjo-Daro, also known as the Mound of Krishna, are located in the Indus River valley to the west of the Indus River. It is said that this enormous and historic metropolis is where Hinduism, also known as Sanatan Dharm (the oldest religion), first emerged. Even while it all seems quite tranquil and pleasant, the story doesn’t end there.

When excavation started following its discovery in the 1920s, archaeologists found at least 40 people’s scattered corpses. Many people still think that the city has negative energy since it contains many images of the Hindu God of destruction, Shiva. Interestingly, Lord Shiva is believed to be still inhabiting Mount Kailash. Is it possible that this location, which fits into the Vile Vortex generators map, is what caused the civilization of the Indus Valley to mysteriously vanish?

Mohenjo-Daro The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas

The Devil’s Sea

The Devil Sea region is rich in legend, dating all the way back to 1000 BC, and is taken seriously by the Japanese government. The ancient Chinese said that in the 1200s, a huge dragon in the area’s sea drew ships to their doom. The Devil’s Sea defeated even Kublai Khan’s armed forces. Even if most people eventually ceased thinking that way, ships continued to disappear or sink without a trace.

All of this came to a head in 1952 when the Kaio Maru Reference set out to investigate the peculiar phenomena in the region. Sadly, they received no responses. Instead, the 31-person crew on board the ship unexpectedly vanished. In response, the Japanese government said that research ships and ships moving through the Devil’s Sea should be careful. 

Devil's Sea The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas
Dragon’s Triangle

Megaliths And Their Mystical Appearances

Ancient ruins may have a great deal of mystery, but they definitely contain something extraordinary. If you were to visit Timbuktu and then go north, you might discover an ancient burial ground in Djebel Mazala Sallust, which is marked by cave paintings and large monoliths. Archaeologically, they are pretty spectacular, but there is also a peculiar vibe around the area.

Megaliths The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas

It has been reported that several aircraft have vanished while flying over the Sahara Desert, and it is believed that the reason behind such disappearances is this vortex. Is this place really supernatural?

The Hawaii Volcanoes

Avoiding any doubt, this specific vortex is rumored to lie off the coastline of Hawaii and is the location of numerous ship and airplane disappearances. Interestingly, the volcano at Hamakulia is frequently cited as the source of such mystical disappearances, according to the locals. Additionally, villagers and scientists who have observed the volcano share tales that support their claims. Locals say that strange lights have been seen near the volcano for a long time and can sometimes be seen there. 

Hawaii Volcanoes
Volcanic Eruption

This volcano’s proximity to the “ring of fire” makes it especially active. Furthermore, scientists believe that the area around the volcano is susceptible to piezomagnetic phenomena, implying that the area may be subject to strange electrical energy and rock magnetism. As a result, it’s possible that this interacts with ship and airplane navigation systems.

Bermuda Triangle Of Space: South Atlantic Anomaly

Due to NASA’s considerable study of the region, this vortex is especially fascinating. An outer and inner radiation band envelops the Earth. The circular radiation belt gets closer to the Earth’s surface in the South Atlantic than anywhere else. This causes a flow of energetic particles and a weaker magnetic field in that area.

The Bermuda Triangle Of Space
Bermuda Triangle Of Space

Astronauts observe odd flashes that resemble shooting stars, and satellites that pass through this belt frequently have faults and glitches. Additionally, this has a negative impact on airplanes. There are strange plane disappearances in the vicinity, which are presumably related to electronic and navigational issues.

Wharton Basin that Engulfed the Remains of the Flight MH370

The Wharton Basin is concealed close to the northeast part of the Indian Ocean. Here on the ocean floor, there are numerous deep fissures where various plates converge. As a result, there is significant seismic activity in the region, which has been carefully investigated. However, scientists haven’t attempted to create a map of this region of the ocean bottom since the 1960s, so they don’t have one.

Flight MH-370 The Vile Vortices- 12 Most Paranormally Active Areas
Wharton Basin

Additionally, the region has recently gained notoriety as the potential grave of MH370, the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014. Though the search is ongoing, the Malaysian jet has vanished without a trace, and it’s possible that we’ll never fully understand what happened. It has happened before, and it most likely won’t be the very last time that ships and aircraft disappear into this mysterious basin.

Antarctica Could Be A Home To Ancient Civilization

There are currently about 4,000 people living in Antarctica, the majority of whom are researchers. Even still, a large number of scientists have not yet produced any conclusive justification for any of the peculiar events that have occurred in the area. Some individuals continue to think there are historic civilizations beneath the region near the South Pole, as shown by an enigmatic rock structure that resembles a pyramid. Due to the severe weather and a large distance, the South Pole is still rarely visited or studied, making it difficult to verify.


The North Pole

It has long been understood that things can be a little off near the poles. However, could there be a paranormal event taking place? Sanderson said in the affirmative, and Commander Sir John might concur with him. An expedition headed toward the North Pole in 1845 set out from England. They failed to succeed. Only a few remnants of all 129 men were discovered after more than 150 years had passed. Today, we are aware that there were a lot of deaths, colds, and ultimately cannibalism. We may never know whether bad weather or something even more nefarious halted them in their tracks.

The North Pole
North Pole

The Eastern Islands

The Easter Island Heads, the mysteries surrounding them, and the culture that constructed them are undoubtedly familiar to you. These enormous stone statues were constructed and transported using unexplained techniques, and the civilization that produced them eventually disappeared as a result of inefficient resource allocation and other economic problems. Ivan T. Sanderson’s theory asserts that UFOs may be connected to this alleged vortex, and the theory fits since it is believed by certain people that the stones are moved by aliens.

Eastern Islands
Eastern Islands

East of Rio De Janeiro: A Dark Place with Secrets

A stunning ocean with a number of opulent beaches is typically found east of Rio de Janeiro. As you might expect, that draws a lot of tourists, but most of them are unaware that they are tanning right next to a mystical place that hides a number of secrets. Although the region has given rise to a fair number of mysteries, this vortex has turned out to be one of the calmer ones in the group.

East of Rio De Janeiro

The Tunante II disappearance in 2014, a tiny boat that disappeared without a trace, was possibly the most well-known event. The families of the missing people complained that the government appeared to have “no enthusiasm” in locating the ship.

Loyalty Island And Strange Water Phenomena

The Loyalty Islands are located far above New Zealand, off Australia’s east coast. Long ago, sailors began reporting unusual currents that would suddenly and violently change along with the course of the sea, as well as sightings of odd whirlpools and water vortices, were also mentioned. Many ships have lost their way while navigating the area due to the unpleasant sailing conditions that might result from this. A nearby island that had been identified on maps and meteorological charts for a long time, however, appeared to have entirely disappeared in 2012, according to scientists.

Nothing for sure could be said, but there is a thing that, Earth is full of dark, and mysterious places suggesting that there is a lot that we are yet to come across. Well, what are your views on these Vile Vortices, let us know in the comment section.

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