Mokele-Mbembe- A Preserved Species Or An Other Wordly Creature

Mokele-Mbembe- A Preserved Species Or An Other Wordly Creature?

Interestingly, it is believed by many that a mysterious entity called “Mokele-Mbembe” lives in the Congo River Basin. However, it is difficult to say whether this creature is a living species or some otherworldly entity, and most importantly, does it exist for real?

Congo River (Mokele-Mbembe)
Congo River

The origins of Mokele-Mbembe can be dated directly to Carl Hagenbeck’s 1909 book “Beasts and Men.” Hagenbeck claimed in that book, based on lately discovered dinosaur bones, that sauropods (long-necked dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus) might still be alive in the interior of Africa. He provided little evidence beyond tales and rumors, but the spectacular assertions were rapidly adopted by the media. for instance, a 1910 Washington Post article proclaimed that “Brontosaurus Lives on.” According to Loxton and Prothero, this exposure “started the present cryptozoological tale of the mokele-mbembe.”

It has been mentioned for ages that a mysterious creature resides deep in Congo River Basin, tucked away in secluded forests and river systems. It’s perceived as a shadowy creature with small legs and a long, serpentine torso. The origins of the stories surrounding this monster are probably pre-colonial when the European explorers first witnessed it while exploring the Congo River Basin.

Those explorers kept their discoveries a secret, but the word of the unusual creatures they had discovered quickly spread. Over time, legends about the unusual creature known as Mokele-Mbembe that resided nearby among the indigenous tribes began to know about it. The search for the Mokele-Mbembe is one of the most fascinating cryptozoological pursuits at the moment because reports of this cryptid are still being made.

The Congo River Basin is home to an alleged water-dwelling entity known as Mokele-mbembe, which is Lingala’s word for the “one who stopped the flow of rivers”. Local mythology extensively describes the cryptid as having an elephant-like body, a long neck and tail, and a small head. This description is consistent with that of a little Sauropod.

Given that cryptozoologists are still looking for the creature, in order to make in the hopes that it a fossilized dinosaur, this lends some weight to the legend. Solely reported sightings, shaky long-distance video, and a few photos currently serve as the only available proof of the Mokele-Mbembe existence.

The majority of the first information and reports were gathered by Thomas, a missionary who had been working in the Congo since 1955. Thomas also claimed to have personally experienced two near encounters. According to legend, Bangombe locals who lived close to Lake Tele built a huge spiked barrier in one of the lake’s tributaries to prevent Mokele-mbembe from interfering with their fishing.

Despite being wounded by the spikes, a Mokele-mbembe tried to get through, and the locals killed it in 1959. According to the legend, everyone who consumed the creature’s flesh fell ill and died. Locals were shown images of creatures that they could accurately assess, accompanied by a picture of an Apatosaurus, which is something the majority recognized as Mokele-Mbembe. There were no observations of unusual creatures, although weird tracks were discovered.

Pastor Thomas also mentioned that the two pygmies mimicked the cry of the animal as it was being attacked and speared… Later, a victory feast was held, during which parts of the animal were cooked and eaten. However, those who participated in the feast eventually died, either from food poisoning or from natural causes.”

Wlliam Gibbons
Those who purportedly heard or saw the thing describe it as a big herbivorous quadruped with smooth skin, a long neck, and a single tooth, sometimes described as a horn.(Mokele-Mbembe)
Those who purportedly heard or saw the thing describe it as a big herbivorous quadruped with smooth skin, a long neck, and a single tooth, sometimes described as a horn.

Although there are many hypotheses about the enigmatic monster Mokele-mbembe, its detailed description is largely similar when taking into account different tales and periods. Do you believe that the enigmatic sauropod-like creature that is said to guard the rivers and lagoons in this isolated region of the earth from human encroachment?

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