Vimanas: the ancient flying machines of the Gods

The “Vimanas” refers to flying vehicles that could be translated as “chariots of the gods” or “celestial chariot”, according to the Hindu tradition they are used for transport by the gods.


We are told that until the first flight of the Wright brothers in 1903, the dream of human beings to travel through the air like birds, was exactly an impossible dream.

However, in India, that dream came true thousands of years before the appearance of the first man-created plane.

Vimana is the name of a flying machine used by the gods of ancient India. The oldest accounts of this vehicle were written in Sanskrit thousands of years ago which describe the different forms and materials of the Vimanas.

These strange flying machines were used in wars, comparable to Star Wars, hundreds of years before Christ.

In the Mahabharata, a story that describes the war between the two most important clans in India around 3,000 BC, the flying Vimanas are mentioned forty-one times next to sophisticated combat weapons that shoot light rays.

For example, reference is made to King Salva’s attacks against the city where God Krishna resided in Dwaraka. In this epic war, Salva drives a flying Vimana called Saubha which has the power to make itself invisible. Krishna returns the attack with lightning that locates and destroys his enemies through sound.

Let’s look at another illustrative passage from the Mahabharata that tells of Gurkha’s attack on the tribe of the Vrishis.

“Gurkha traveling in his powerful and fast Vimana launched a single projectile, loaded with all the power of the Universe, against the three cities of the Rishis and the Andhakas.”

“An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose in all its splendor. It was the unknown weapon, the Steel Ray, a gigantic messenger of death that reduced the race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas to ashes. ”


In the Ramayana, which tells the adventures of Princess Sita being kidnapped by the evil Ravana, another flying machine named Puspaka is mentioned.

“The Puspaka car that looks like the Sun was brought by my brother Ravana. This excellent air car can go anywhere at will … it looks like a luminous cloud in the sky … … and King Rama had it and rose with it to the highest atmosphere.

While the text does not qualify this flying car as a Vimana, it could well be another flying machine that used the same principles as the famous Vimanas.

According to Dr. V. Raghavan, a former Sanskrit professor at the University of Madras, there are many Sanskrit documents, dated hundreds of years ago, proving that extraterrestrial visitors were in ancient India.

“There is a huge amount of fascinating information about flying machines and even science fiction weapons, which can be found in the translations of the Vedas and other ancient Sanskrit texts.”

“Fifty years of research have convinced me that there are living beings on other planets and that they visited Earth 4,000 years BC”

There are not only stories about the aerodynamic qualities of these Vimana but also about the way they can be built. In Ramayana, it is indicated that 16 types of metals are needed to build them but here on Earth we only know three of them.

Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University of Chandigarh translated some Sanskrit texts describing the “anti-gravitational” force that is the one that Yogis develop to levitate.

According to his research, that same anti-gravitational force is what allowed the Vimanas to move through space.

Although it seems paradoxical compared to most reports of sightings of extraterrestrial ships, the information contained in the Sanskrit texts on the form, the construction process, the materials and weapons of the Vimana leaves little to the imagination.

The numerous mentions of Vimanas in texts that deal not only with Hindu mythology but also with its history indicate that these Vimana were a possible reality hundreds of years before Christ. What do you think? Leave your comment below.

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