The lost city of Dwarka that was destroyed by an unknown force or vimanas

A few years ago there was talk of a peculiar discovery: it was the remains of a large underwater city located in the Gulf of Cambay (India) exactly where the lost city of Dwarka is said to be located.

lost city of Dwarka

The importance of the discovery lay not only in the fact that it preserved much of its architecture intact but in the data offered by the dating of these remains, indicated that this city might be more than 9,500 years old

This discovery was soon associated with the lost city of Dwarka and the myth of the “Golden City”, the ancient city buried in the sea belonging to the Hindu god Krishna.

In 2002, the seabed of the Gulf of Cambay was mapped and curious right-angle formations appeared on the radars, with square and rectangular shapes, approximately 130 m deep.

The images that were obtained showed structures that could resemble stairs, some even ventured to glimpse entire temples.

Excavations have taken place since 1983 off the coast of Dwarka and at the Dwarka port in Gujarat, locations located 30 km from each other.

Both places are related to the legends about Krishna, where we can find a large number of temples, most of the medieval origin.

We are talking about one of the seven oldest cities in the country, the city of Dwarka is supposed to be the dwelling place of the god Krishna.

According to legend, the city has already been submerged in the sea on 6 occasions, with the current Dwarka being the seventh reconstruction of the city.

Murli Manohar Joshi, Indian Minister of Science and Technology, ordered to dredge part of that area, recovering ceramics, sculptures, sections of walls, human remains, wood, ancient anchors, stone tools and ancient vessels of the Indus Valley culture, among others. things, showing that it was a place with an important human occupation.

lost city of Dwarka

The dating of the wood has dated it to approximately 7,500 years BC, surpassing the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations by several thousand years.

At a press conference given by Minister Joshi, he said:

“The impact of these discoveries will be far-reaching. “Not only are the various theories about the first human settlements in the country linked, but they would also open avenues for understanding the geomorphological characteristics of the Gulf of Cambay”

“Further analysis in this area will be very important as this will have future implications and could shed more light on the development of human civilizations, in addition to the impact it will have on the History of India.”

Are we facing the oldest city built by men? Perhaps it is interesting to know the legend about the city of Dwarka, described as the abode of Krishna.

It is said that it was built with large blocks of stone and its main door was protected by a seal consisting of 3 heads.

The story about this city was told by Arjuna, Krishna’s main disciple, in the mythological epic text Majábharata (3rd century BC).

Dwarka was a huge and rich city, built on an island by the god Krishna after he became king.

In this wonderful city there were palaces made of glass and other incredible works, there Krishna maintained a great army of elephants and horses.

Mythologically, Dwarka – Dvaravati as it is known in Sanskrit – was the place chosen by Garuda, the divine eagle, who brought Krishna here when he left Mathura.

Krishna escaped Mathura (in central India) with his people, after repeated attacks by the powerful King Yarasandha.

But due to a curse weighing on him and his family, the iadus, the island sank into the sea after Krishna’s death and now there is nothing left but the memory.

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