A giant rock(Wizard Rock) mysteriously disappears and reappears in Arizona

Have you ever lost something that mysteriously reappeared later, and in a different place? And you don’t know how IT got there? You may not be having a distraction or a memory problem, rather it is the phenomenon of object disappearance (DOP). Also known as  Just One of Those Things, these are paranormal phenomena that cannot be cataloged. The term Just One of Those Things(JOTTS) was coined by Mary Rose Barrington, a psychic researcher and vice president of the Society for Psychical Research.(Wizard Rock)

Unlike ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, aliens or shadow people, Just One of Those Things is more difficult to explain. Simply put, the phenomenon is simple: things disappear, then you find them again. There are two main classes of JOTTS. The most frequent of the two is the “jottles”, which refer to the displacements of objects, including the phenomena associated with teleportation and poltergeist activity. The second is “oddjotts”, which refer to the disappearance of objects that have no explanation. But this strange and unusual phenomenon is not only limited to keys or small objects, but they can also be much larger, as in the recent incident in Arizona, USA.

A ‘magic’ stone

A giant rock in Arizona that disappeared for weeks has mysteriously reappeared. The ‘Wizard Rock’, is a distinctive black rock marked with striking white quartz lines which is very popular along State Route 89 in the Prescott National Forest, near downtown Arizona. In addition to being a natural monument and a stopping point for tourists, the Wizard Rock is also a considerable formation, estimated to weigh around 1 ton, so park officials were baffled to discover that it had disappeared.

“It’s unfortunate when we lose a treasure like Wizard Rock,” said Sarah Clawson, the park’s forest agent. “These rocks belong to the public, and locals and visitors should enjoy them for years to come.”

giant rock disappears arizona - A giant rock mysteriously disappears and reappears in Arizona Wizard Rock

While the circumstances of the mysterious disappearance of Wizard Rock remain unexplained, there are certain theories. In recent months, at least one other incident known in the forest involved the unauthorized extraction of a heavy rock by people, but the authorities point out that a large enough equipment is necessary to move this type of rock.

“The easy way to do it would be with a backhoe,” Jason Williams, trail and wilderness manager of Prescott National Forest, told The Arizona Republic newspaper. “But if you had a trailer properly placed and you didn’t mind hitting some things, you could do it with an excavator. But surely you won’t be able to do it any other way. ”

According to Williams, rocks of this size can be worth up to $ 200 for the minerals they contain. Officials point out that the extraction of rocks and minerals (and other natural products) from national forests without a permit is illegal, with punishable violations with high fines and jail. Despite this, the theft of rocks by tractors happens from time to time.

This is a reasonable assumption, but it has not been the case of Wizard Rock. Forest agents did not find traces of excavators or heavy vehicles near where the rock was and it also puzzles them the fact that the value of the rock is much lower than the cost to move it. But only a few days after Prescott officials announced the mysterious disappearance of the giant rock, Wizard Rock appeared mysteriously again, discovered by one of the forest agents who were patrolling the area last Friday morning. Forest agents have reported that they will not investigate further, as they are happy that their famous rock has reappeared ‘magically’.

“We are delighted that the Wizard Rock has been returned, and we are grateful that whoever took it has been conscious enough to return it to the public,” Clawson explained. “National forests provide so many benefits to the American people, and when something like this happens, it highlights the intrinsic value of natural beauty in all its forms.”

giant rock mysteriously disappears arizona - A giant rock mysteriously disappears and reappears in Arizona Wizard Rock

While the authorities are not sure why or how the Wizard Rock was returned, they hoped that by becoming public they could discover who was behind the disappearance of the rock. Interestingly, a decade ago something similar happened in the region when a distinctive heart-shaped rock disappeared from the top of Granite Mountain. After the main American media echoed the incident, the rock was returned, and the responsible person explained that he did not know what it meant for so many people.

Of course, it has nothing to do with Wizard Rock, as forest agents found no traces of heavy machinery and no one has recognized authorship. Not to mention that its value was much lower than it would be worth “stealing it. ” So the only explanation is that it is a Jott, a new example that the phenomenon of the disappearance of objects does not only occur to small objects.

Where was the mysterious rock during its disappearance? Is it a Jott? Feel free to comment

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